Aimee came back from the dead. And she was given a necklace that acted like a new hart for her. With all this wierd and unexplained things happening to her she finds the truth. That the world she lives in is only part of another world and that she plays a big part of that world. Every one wants her dead and to stay that way, but why? What is she in this new world? What part of the role has she taken to turn everyone she loves into something their not?


1. Coming Back Form The Dead

The truth is I was once dead. My heart was no longer beating. My lungs were no longer filling with air. My body wasn’t responding. I was drifting in the current of the waves. Water filling around me like a blanket but not with warmth; but with dark and coldness. Filling my lungs with water. I had died.

 I was drifting, but away from my body. Tired of fighting, I let it drift me away from myself. I was watching myself; I wasn’t in my body any more. My blue lifeless eyes redden from the water. My skin white as snow. My red hair looked black from the lack of light. I didn’t look like me at all. I looked small and fragile. My black and white dress, floating around me like smoke.

Then the last beam of light disappeared, locking me in in a dark room. Realising I’d shut my eyes, I open them. I wasn’t in next to myself in the middle of the ocean droning; I was in a large room. I’m not sure how I knew that it was big, because there won’t any lights. The dress was heavy, drenched of water and smelt of sea water as I turn around to a door with light beaming under it. Squinting my eyes, I move towards the door hoping I could find my way back to my mum and the party.

Opining the door my eyes sting from the sudden brightness. Blindly I moving forward, being careful not to step into a hole or something that could trip me. The light was slowly dosing down, enough that I could see a large white table that must have been six metres long in the middle of the room. Everything in it was white; the chairs, walls and the bowl of what look like white flowers.

“Hello?” My voice was hoarse and it echoed through the room. I didn’t realise how much it hurt to talk, my though was dry and swollen.

Stop A voice called behind me. Turning there is a girl standing in front of me. She looked to be around my age, sixteen. Where did she come from? You needed not to know that. Did she just say that in my head? The girl nods, this frightens me; she can read and talk to me in my head.

Nodding her head she walks to the table where all of the white seats are filled with the same white coats as her. They have their hoods on so I can’t see their face, all of them turned towards me. They weren’t there before, so how did they get there without me noticing.

“What am I doing here?” I say, still confused. Was I in heaven, hell, where was I? Neither. This is where we choose where you go. That same voice spook to me, her voice was beautiful and weirdly made me feel . . . happy. What could she mean by this I where we choose where you go? Hell? Heaven? Is that what she means, if so that means I am dead? Dread fills me as they all nod confirming I am dead.

One of them stands from her seat and nods; they all look at her and nod. We feel we must give you a second chance of life, so we will vote on it. Her voice the same beautiful sound as the other girl. She grabs the flowers and pulls off the white petals, putting them into the white bowl. She sets the bowl back on the middle of the table, the rest of the flower burn to ash in her hands.

I watch at each petal turn black, and some turning red. When its finished she turns to me with a smile that clears my mind of any doubt. I think the black meant how many people voted for me to have a second chance and the red for me to stay dead, which only had a few of them. This must mean I am free. I can live, they all nod obesely listening to my thoughts. But you must abbey these three laws. One, you can’t tell anyone you died and what just happen. Two, don’t abuse this life. Three, you must ware this, don’t take it off and don’t show it to anyone. She walks towards me head bowed and when she is within reaching distance the pulls out a silver locket that is attached to a long silver chine from her pocket on her white cloak. Her long slim hand I realise is so silvery it is almost the same colour as the necklace. She places the necklace over my head and lets it rest over my heart. I can see more clearly at the swells and flowers decorated on it. Looking up I say “What is it for?” she places her cold hand over the locket and says in my mind. You have died, you have no heart. So we have given you one and you must use it wisely and carefully. If you were to take it off then you will die and will not be given another chance.

And what if I show someone this, what will happen?” I ask I have to make sure I know what the conqencesare are. You may show those like us but be careful not to show it to the wrong angles they desire powerful juls like this one and they are very rear, if you let your humans see this then it will have very bad conqences to them. They may die, get terrible disease or even go mad, and be conviced your trying to kill them. And if you do tell someone who is not one of us then this will be taken away from you. She press down on the locket and it glows a bright white light like everything in this room. And if you need help or something you can’t do by yourself then you call us using this, that is when you find out how to us it. But thing always have a price so when you call us make sure you know what you’re asking. She lets her hand fall by her side. Stepping away she adds; you may what to stay away from the water, it has a habit of drawing people in with emotion. So she knows how I died, I guess my drenched clothes gives too much away.

Then that was it, I was back at on the beach running to where the party was just like I had before I saw the young boy swimming out in the ocean in wave that were four times the size of him, it was like it didn’t even happen and I would have thought so too, because when I felt my dress and it was dry, but as soon as I felt the weight of the lock as I ran along the beach; I knew it did happen, that I had actually died.

 I felt strange when I got to the party, I felt lost, seared even. When I walked pass people to find my friend I kept the locket close as possible to me as I could get it, too scared someone might see it. I felt as if I was being dragged towards my friend as I made my way through the dense crowd of people, dancing to the beat of music that blasted through the entire house. Every time someone touched me I would jump. Finally when I reached my friend Kylie she was putting back her phone in her blue and black dress pocket. Looking at me she screamed over the loud music “I have been trying to call you three times already, what happen?”  I shake my head and led us to the kitchen where it was a lot quieter than what it had been.

“I lost my phone on my way here. I think I might just go home I feel sick” I still needed to yell to be heard. I rubbed my belly to show that I was sick just in case she couldn’t hear me.

“You didn’t drink those drinks, did you? I think they might have something in them. Jess through up after one of them and she had to go home!” Kylie shouts back. Jess had been in only one of my classes and from what I heard she could throw-up over anything, so I didn’t take this too seriously.

“No, I didn’t. I’m going home!” I yell at her over the loud music. Turning I heard her yell “You don’t have a car. Hey, wait I got to get home anyway you wait here and I’ll go get a friend that can drop us off. Stay right here” I turn around and she had already disappeared. My stomach was going crazy and I had the urge to run away from it all. I didn’t even know why but I needed to run. I check my locket and feel it there, relief fells through me; then my stomach closes and as I look. I know what it was that I couldn’t tell what was wrong; my locket was exposed to kylie’s eyes. Three, you must ware this, don’t take it off and don’t show it to anyone. Don’t show it to anyone; I had already broken that rule. My heart racing so fast, I look behind me and see Kylie with two boys, I would have thought they were normal looking until I saw the eyes, a very pale green almost white.

I look about the room, there has to be a way out. I had been I this house only a couple of times but luckily I remember there was a back door. I take deep breath and run toward the door in front of me. I pass the gathering people who are trying to see pass the large group surrounding two boys punching each other. I keep on running. I run out the door grateful  the place is abanded, the grass littered with bear and soft drinks making it hard to doge them. I stop as I get to the locked fence, I can hear Kylie and the two boys arguing. They were just around the corner, thinking quickly I find footing in the fence and climb as fast as I can, not caring it I make a racket.

I drop on the other side, my knees hitting the cold conceit, scraping my skin off. Not wasting any time I bolt up and run down the well-lit street, the cold air filling my lungs. I turn around the next street expecting to see Kylie and the two boys with funny looking eyes, but the street was empty. I keep running, and when I thought I have lost them; Kylie and the boys are running behind me, hard on my hells.

Bang. I hit a hard body. I full to the ground along with someone. I close my eyes and waited for it; I waited for someone to shoot me, stab me or hit me with a still bat. But nothing happened; I couldn’t hear anything but the racing of my heart; it’s banging from the inside of my chest demanding to be let out. I knew it could happen any moment now. They are coming after me.

“Are you ok?” screaming I jump of the body, before I knew it I was on the floor of the foot path again. I couldn’t I open my eyes; I didn’t want to. If I’m going to die I don’t want to see it coming. Keep your eyes closed no matter what! Keep your eyes closed no matter what! Oh God I don’t want to die!

“Open your eyes” I know his next to me waiting with those freaky eyes, maybe with a flame thrower waiting for me to open them so he can burn them. “Just open your eyes” I shake my head keeping the rest of my body still, my heart still knocked at my chest. “Please” why would a murder say please! What is he thinking; that I would just open them so he can burn them!  No, he wasn’t going to, because I’m not letting him!

“Leave me alone-!” I scream, but a hand covers my mouth and I can’t yell- yell what? What would I yell?

“Why don’t you open your eyes and why are you screaming?” I realise he didn’t sound angry, only confused and hurt. Maybe who I thought was covering my mouth really the boy I ran into? Should I open my eyes? “I’m just trying to help, open your eyes” he wasn’t demanding it. I open my eyes.

 He is kneeling beside me, looking at me with dark blue eyes. What a loony I must have looked to him, screaming like that, he wasn’t trying to hurt me. He let go of my mouth and drop them at his side “I’m so sorry. I…” What? I what? “I thought… never mind” I musted sound as dumb as I felt, but he didn’t look at me like I was crazy, his eyes were fixed on my necklaces. He didn’t move, just looked at the necklace and then back at my face, with disbelief. His go all weird now, his going to try to kill me; just like Kylie.

I sit up and tuck the necklace back under my dress so he couldn’t see it any more. I had to go before he tries to kill me. I stand up, his hand catches my arm. “Let me go, please” I ask, when he looks at me again, confused.

“Where did you get it?”

 “Don’t hurt me”

“Where did you get it?” his voice was soft. I couldn’t tell him, they said not to tell anyone.

 “Just answer the question”

“The shops” he didn’t look convinced.

“You’re lying” he says, he’s eyes begging the answer out of me.

“If you know where I got it from, then why are you asking me?” I say angry, why wasn’t he trying to kill me? He saw the necklace.

“Take it off” his tone was challenging. So, he knew! “That’s what I thought, don’t show it again to anyone” he lets go of my arm and storms off like I did something to anger him, but I didn’t do anything.

“Hey!” I yell and chase after him, he turns the corner and as I turn around that same corner I run into a brick wall. What the hell, how did he just disappear like that? I shake my head; I don’t want to think of how that was possible because it would just drive me crazy.

I walk the rest of the way trying not to think about the boy I run into; I just don’t understand how he knew? Or was it just my stupid imagination? I didn’t know and that really scared me, I didn’t believe in after life and that was wired when those wired people with the white coats told me all this stuff about second chances! Oh, and the necklace! What the hell! Don’t take it off! If they really wanted to help me why don’t they tell me the whole story and not just half of it? I hate this not knowing what’s really going on. Why I didn’t think to ask questions? I did, but they weren’t exactly important as what or who they are.

By the time I got home my legs were bricks, heavy and stiff. The lights were on; dam mum was awake. I was in for a big lecture about leavening without telling her or for breaking the kitchen widow, but, that was only if I got caught.                      

I walked to the front door careful not to be seen through the window, and headed for the fence blocked by two green bins. I jump on one, grabbing on the sharp top of the fence to pull me up. I now stood on the bins pulling my legs over the fence, it rattled. Sitting on the fence I could feel the edger digging into my legs, the pain was becoming too much so I dropped off. A ripping sound fills my ears. No! How was meant to explain this to mum? The bottom of my dress had caught it’s self on the sharp edge of the fence and ripped off. Lucky this wasn’t my favourite dress or my mums.

Still angry at myself for ruining my dress I press myself agents the wall, and slowly make my way pass the second widow to my room. The widow was still broken the glass shattered all over the grass, mum was going to notice it if I didn’t clean it now. I pull a part of my dress and used it as a glove to scop it up, I looked around the garden; it wasn’t much of a garden a lot of weeds and over grown grass surrounding the plants I had planted with mum. I located a small pot near the old cubby house; good, mum never went in there because . . . I dumb the broken glass in there.

“You’re going to get caught with the noise you’re making” I jump and knock the pot over spilling the glass again, my heart going back to its normal pace again.

“And you would know this because . . .” I say as I place the glass back into the pot. 

“Because you always get caught, and I don’t” yeah right, never gets caught, you mean never gets into trouble when he gets caught.

“If you’re here to annoy me consenter the job done” I walk back to the window where Nate sat on my bed. I climb through the small window; I swear it gets smaller every night.

“I’m thinking of leaving to Darwin for a few weeks, you know to see nanna” I laugh as I sit on the chair opposite to him, he looks up from his hand and stares directly into my eyes, with a serious expression. “What? You think I won’t?” he says quietly seeing my doubtful expression. No, I didn’t think he would, because he can’t just leave like that.

“Your still in school, it starts again in four more days. You don’t want to miss school, Nate” I wasn’t sure who I was trying to convince, it didn’t sound at all convincing. I know Nate hates school, he thinks it’s a waste of time; he ditches classes whenever he can. He shakes his head, brown hair covered his face. “What about mum then, does she know?” I ask; I knew the answer; mum wouldn’t give the permission so he won’t tell her till he’s at the airport.

“No, and you’re not going to tell her” he says still looking at me with those serious eyes. I could feel tears swelling in the corner of my eyes. He was going to leave me by myself, and he wasn’t coming back. I think he could see it too; the feeling of lost in my eyes and the panic of him leaving me, and him never coming back. He grabbed my hands. “I’m only going for four weeks, it’s not that long. Don’t worry, I will be back” he says, he holding my hands and rubes it the way mum did when I was sick; and when I was five years old and found our pet rabbit dead in the cubby house. I close my eyes and hope all of what happen today wasn’t true; that I hadn’t actually died and come back to life, that my best friend hadn’t tried to kill me, that I hadn’t saw that boy who I thought was trying to kill me, and that my only brother wasn’t leaving to Darwin to visited our nanna. I didn’t want any of this to be true, but it was.

“When are you planning to leave?” I snatch my hand back from his, his surprised look tells me he was just as taken back as I am of my sudden anger.

“Not for another two day, I have already packet and brought ticks” he looks at me more closely, gilt fills his face. “Look I didn’t plan this like that, I wasn’t-“

“You weren’t what? You weren’t thinking about anyone but yourself?” I cry out. “If you really care about me, you wouldn’t go! You wouldn’t leave me behind!” he stands up too, he was leaning over me.

“I’m doing this for you! Can’t you see that? Of course you can’t, what I’m I thinking” he looks a pained as me, but that don’t make me want to stop. No; it makes me want to hit him.

“How are you doing this for me?” I take a deep breath and scream “How could this be for me? This isn’t about me; it’s about you and wanting to run away, away from mum, away from me!” that was all it took for him to storm out of my room, slamming the door behind him.


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