The Legend Of Varrock

They say that the glorious city of Varrock was once saved by a mighty hero, in the Fourth Age of Gielinor, from an immensely powerful Battlemage and his demon familiar. Read more about this fiery abomination in The Legend of Varrock, the new tale by Epicfailpwnz!


2. Varrock's Peril

An hour later, after Darraka's head was cut off and placed on a pike outside the Royal Castle, there were reports of a mighty Demon attacking from the south. Once the King was notified, he consulted Merlin, who had been invited to stay at the Varrock Royal castle for a week. The King eventually asked Merlin if Darraka could have been involved in the Demon's attack, and Merlin said "He must have had a Death-ward." When the King asked what that might have been, Merlin said "A Death-ward is like the Monk's prayer Retribution, on the grounds that it inflicts damage, or in this case, summons Spirits to wound or murder the people surrounding the deceased. The spirits must have formed into a Demon, which is terrible news indeed.

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