The Legend Of Varrock

They say that the glorious city of Varrock was once saved by a mighty hero, in the Fourth Age of Gielinor, from an immensely powerful Battlemage and his demon familiar. Read more about this fiery abomination in The Legend of Varrock, the new tale by Epicfailpwnz!


1. Varrock's Hero

     In the Fourth Age of Gielinor, 2000 years ago, the powerful city of Varrock was constructed east of the River Lum. For 276 years, the constantly expanding city thrived under the rule of many glorious kings. Then was born the tyrant Darraka. Darraka had been an immensely powerful Battlemage since birth, and took advantage of all others from a young age. He used his extreme magical prowess for wealth, using the magic spell High Alchemy. But he was still not important, and he thought about this fact every day of his miserable life. Darraka thirsted for power, and power he would get. When he was of the age 23, he invaded the Varrock Royal Castle and cast the difficult spell Ice Barrage on the Crown Prince, freezing him in a block of ice and nearly destroying him. Guards rushed towards Darraka, but in a calm voice, he stated "Another step, and the prince dies. Now bring me the King, you pathetic peasants!" The Captain of the guards stepped forward and decreed "If it's the King you want, the King you get!". The Captain left the room, and in moments, the King appeared on a mahogany balcony on the other side of the pavilion, and ordered "Unfreeze my son, you hell-spawn!" and Darraka laughed mischievously, stating "Amusing, my dear King. I. . . request that you relinquish the throne to me, which you will do, or everybody here will surely perish. Are there any questions?" The King practically stared a hole in Darraka, and said "You will give the period of one hour to think about this matter.", and Darraka said "You have a half hour, and if you aren't back here, everybody dies." Just then, an elite Archer of the castle stormed into the pavilion and said "Is this a fight, I hear? I may have to end it." The skilled Archer reached into his cape, grabbed an adamant throwing knife, and in one swift motion, threw it into the heart of the Battlemage Darraka.


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