Moments To Live For

It all starts when me and Rylee buy V.I.P passes to meet One Direction. The boys realize there is something about the two teenage girls that they like.


5. Getting Ready

Rylee's P.O.V.

Karlee gave him her number. Oh well thats fine Harry asked for mine and asked for me to watch from backstage so we could hang out after the concert. Did Harry and Niall plan to ask a girl to watch from backstage, probably. Karlee is touching up my hair with the curling iron and i asked her what if I'm just Harry's one night stand? She said her and Niall talked about that and he said he knows Harry well enough now to know if he really likes the girl or if shes just to play around with and could tell by how Harry reacted when you walked in that he really liked you. "Really?" I said. "How could I make anything like that up Rylee?" she asked. I just gave her an evil look. "Don't give that look" she said. She finished doing my hair. She helped me pick out an outfit but she had way cuter clothes than me so I asked her if i could wear something of hers. She picked out her outfit, which was a purple lace tank top and some blue jean miss me shorts and purple and silver sandals. She had her hair in one of those bows you make with your hair. She gave me her grey tanktop that said Hipsta Please and i wore my blue jean shorts with black and silver sandals. My hair was curled and waterfall braided. I hope Harry likes this look i joked. She just laughed. Karlee got a call from Niall and he said that if he wanted to beat the crowd then she better go ahead and leave. So we left our hotel room when we got down to the lobby there was so many girls wearing One Direction shirts and singing. I wonder if they knew One Direction wasn't even in our hotel. We went out to the parking deck and got in the car and drove off. Niall and Harry met us so we could get passed security. I overheard Niall tell Karlee she looked beautiful. Harry took me to his dressing room and pulled out his Hipsta Please shirt and put it on to just walk around in. He told me he likes the kind of couples that buy matching shirts. We walked into Niall's dressing room and asked him if he could take a picture of us. Then Niall got out his purple snap-back and put it on Karlee and told Harry to take their picture. Harry told them the didn't even match he said he knew but Karlee just looked so cute in his snapback.

Niall's P.O.V.

Karlee looked gorgeous like no one I had ever seen before. When she walked in the door for the meet and great she was the only girl I've met that stood out. I thought to myself that she may be the girl I've been waiting for actually she is the girl I've been waiting for but I don't know the right time to ask her to be my princess. I called Harry out of the room and asked him. He told me to ask her out for dinner tonight and ask her when she's least expecting it and that he was going to do the same with Rylee. Rylee was pretty but not nearly as gorgeous as Karlee or at least thats what i thought. I walked back into Harry's dressing room and grabbed Karlee's hand and led her to my dressing room. I asked her out to dinner she smiled so big, her smile was to die for. She said Yess then hugged me. She sat back down in front of the mirror and grabbed her phone when she did it started ringing her ringtone was What Makes You Beautiful, it was so cute that she was the one of the fans that wasn't obsessive but loved us for us. She answered it and it was Rylee I heard Rylee saying Harry asked her out for dinner and Karlee told her I asked her to dinner to and looked at me and was blushing and still smiling. She told Rykee bye then hung up. "What was that all about" I asked. "Rylee's freaked out that Harry asked her to dinner" she said. "How come you didn't freak out when i asked you" "I was but just didn't show it." "I'm ready for tonight" I said. "Me to, where are we going to go eat?" she asked. I told her that we woul all decide together in the car. Paul then came in and told us there was 5 minutes till we were on. I quickly changed into my outfit for the first couple show which was my polo. Me and Karlee then left the room and met up with Harry and Rylee they were holding hands I looked over at Karlee and held out my hand and she grabbed it. We took them to where they would be watching the show from. Me and Harry talked about getting the girls to come on stage tonight but they didn't know so we thought we would suprise them. "You're on" Paul called. I then ran on the stage.

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