Moments To Live For

It all starts when me and Rylee buy V.I.P passes to meet One Direction. The boys realize there is something about the two teenage girls that they like.


2. Driving Forever

Karlee's P.O.V.

Rylee picked me up from my house. "Happy Birthday" I said. "Thanks I'm ready to give the boys the book we made them with 250 reasons why we love them" she said. "Me too I wonder what they will say, I'm gonna ask Niall if he can read the section for him right then" I exclaimed. I took out my Up All Night CD and put it in we turned the volume all the way up and rocked out since there was another hour in a half left till we got there.

Rylee's P.O.V.

While listening to Stole My Heart I looked in the rear view mirro and saw a big bus behind us I pulled over and let them pass us it was One Direction. We followed them to the arena where the concert would be tonight. This was unreal we both said. We went to our hotel to get ready for the meet and great when i got finished curling and braiding my long brown hair. Karlee yelled we are gonna be late. "Oh well i want to be at the back of the line so we can talk to the boys longer." I told her. We walked down into the lobby and out to the parking deck, we were on our way to meet One Direction!

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