Moments To Live For

It all starts when me and Rylee buy V.I.P passes to meet One Direction. The boys realize there is something about the two teenage girls that they like.


7. Dinner

Niall's P.O.V.

"Karlee?" I said. "Yes Niall?" she looked at me with concern. "Is it to soon for me to ask if you want to stay the night with me tonight?" I asked. "Um no!!" she said just staring at me. "So would you?" I asked. "YESS!" she said and then ran over and gave me a hug. She was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know I just met her and all but she was. Since her and Rylee were gonna open for us at some shows they had to come along on the tour bus. We were in Atlanta so our next stop was Florida. We couldn't go to Alabama because we had no room to put them it. I asked Karlee where she was from. She said Alabama. Looks like I have a country girl i said to her and looks like I have an Irish boy she smiled. Looks like you do I said to her. The food got to the table I had the most food of anyone. I got the speghetti, alfredo, and manicotti. It was so amazing I have never eatin at Olive Garden i admitted. Everyone was in shock for some reason. Harry said "Thats shocking you've eatin everywhere." I finially was finished with my food. There was a mall up the street and it wasn't to late so we went up to the mall. Me and Harry went into a boy store while the girls went into Victoria's Secret. We actually lied to the girls we weren't going in the store we told them we were going to we went to a dress store. I got Karlee this beautiful blue and pink dress. It was strapless and had jewls all over it. Harry got Rylee a pretty puple and green dress. It was purple with green netting like material over it and had some jewls on it. We ran back to Victoria's Secret the girls were still in there we gave them their dresses. Karlee thanked me and hugged me around my waist she was still holding on to me and looked up at me I leaned in and kissed her. We both pulled away she bit her lip.

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