let me love you


3. walking down the styles aisles

When Niall finally finished eatting, we got out the limo and went to the church right on time. we had five minutes to get in to posion."ok so louis go with eleanor, and liam go with danny, zayn with perrie, and harry with skylar."the wedding planner was frantic. "hay why dosnt niall have any one to walk down with" i asked harry "he doesnt have a girlfriend and none of the other couples wanted to pair with him" he said kinda sad. i left harry , i walked straight to niall. "hay whats up" i said "he just looked at me "guys lets go we have 10 seconds" the wedding planner was yelling "i grabbed nialls arm and pulled him back to harry. "boys lets walk down the this aisles with styles "we laughed at the pun just then the music started and we started to walk . even thougght i just met them it was like walking with my best friends 

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