let me love you


1. the night the games started

skylars pov

      "SKYLAR-MADISON MARIE JONES GET YOU ASS UP WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR THE WEDDING"my mum yelled, i jumped out of bed. forgetting that its my mom aboslote best friends wedding. i ran down stairs my mum was holding my dress."did you forgett we are a bridesmaids" she had a smirk on her face "your walking down with dad, but who am I walking down with?" i asked before i walked up stairs "um your walking with ...oh yeh her son". i went up stairs i have never met her kids. every time im over there hes out with his 4 friends. i walked in my room "good morning zayn, morning niall , liam , louie" i went and stood on my bed to kiss the huge picture of hary styles on the cealing over my bed. "morning harry" i smiled its seemed sillybut i always said moning and goodnight to my boys.i put on my dress and then did my makeup. we were getting our hair down there so we just left.once we got to the church its was so hecktick, we were swept away to get our hair done.while we were there the bride anne came in with here wedding dress on she looked stunning."anne you look like a princess" my mum was tearing up. anne and myy mum were like sister they did everything together "hay skye, my son is with his friends i just texted him to meet me here so you can meet him finally" i just nodded. i looked at my self in the mirror i looked so pretty in that dress. we all started laughing when anne started spinning in her big dress. just then there was knock at the door. my mum went to get it.i was guessing it was annes son "you look stunning mum" thank you harry" " oh harry this is marrys daughter skylar madison, your waking downn the asile with her" i turned around and when i saw who it was i couldnt breath. im walking down the aisle  with harry freain styles.

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