let me love you


2. OMG

when i turned around i saw harry.He looked amazayn in that tux. he walked up to me and leaned in fo r a hug "its nice to meet you" he smiled "its nice to meet you too" i just stared at him "skylar-madison is it?" he asked with the most adorible accent "yes but you can call me skylar" "skylar beautiful name for beauitful girl" could it be, harry styles was flirting with me. i smirked "harry the wedding is in two hours so if you guys want to go out for 2 hours go ahead" anne winked at me, what was she up to "ok boys, skye want to go to nandos" nialls eyes opend bright "yes" he was out the door before we could say ok, liam walked up to me and said"hi love my name is liam nice to meet you" i smiled he was soo polite "im skylar" next was zayn and lou, lou was such a flirt. it was funny we got in a limo. and we all talked "i told them about my friend Emma and how she loves one direction too.we laughed alot niall was like a little kid every second "paul are we there yet" it was so cutewhen we finally got there, niall bolted out the car. we ordered our food , and went back to the car to eat.i looked at harry and he was smiling he was so cute when he smiled i coulnt beleive i was eating in a limo with one direction

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