if im louder

Haylee is a 17 year old female and she lives in London, England with her cousin, Angelina. (angel) they both share a house that Haylee's mother got fior them. while they are chilling out in thier doncaster home, they find some strangers at thier door. read to find out mmore


1. London

Haylee's POV

i was waking to Angel waking me up, i roleed over and moaned. "Angel, lemme sleeeeeep" she started jumping on the bed singing, "BUT U GOTTA GET UUUUPPPPPPPPP, COMMON ITS TIME TO GET UPPPPPP" "ALRIGHT! ill get up!" i said and i got up and went to my closet. i got out some cloths and headed to the bathroom. i took a nice shower and i got into my british flag shirt, some jean short shorts, some red toms, and  some clinky bracelets. i brushed my hair and then i curled my whole head. i it bounced a little when i walked. i liked that! i walked out feeling proud of what i did with my brunette-brown hair and walked downstairs. i walked in on Angel cooking some breakfast. she wsas wearing a yellow, orange striped shirt that went down to her bum. she was wearing some jean shorts about down to her knees. she was wearing her white converse and a yellow headband.

"whats for breakfast?"

i asked seeming all jumpy. "pankakes and  bacon." she said while putting some oranje juice on the table. she set the plate on the table while i sat down at the island table. she sat down and put her plate down. we started to eat then we head out.

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