Behind the band: the untold story

Amanda is just a normal 16 year old, she has friends, she's loved, she has moved many times, away from her best friends. They lost all contact after her move. She moved from America to Bradford. Bradford to Doncaster. Doncaster to Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton to mulingar, Ireland, and mulingar to Holmes chapel. What would happen when her beat friend auditions for the x factor, she comes with him. But she finds people who she never thought he would see again, and they were all being put into a band. Read and find out. Please no hate, thanks!!:)


1. "We're just friends..."

Amanda's POV
"c'mon mom why do we have to move?" moving from my small town of Bradford was probably the most confusing and heartbreaking thing I ever had to do. "because Amanda, your father got a job there." "but I don't want to leave my friends!!" "sweetheart, that is why you are having this party, to say goodbye" "but I don't want to say goodbye!!" "that is enough, we are moving and that is final" 
mom walked out of my room and I grabbed my phone and I started to text my best friend, Zayn.  Zayn was one of the sweetest boys I knew. He was devastated when I told him I was moving. So he invited me to go have lunch with him, I replied with a quick yes!
Zayn drove up to the front of my house and I ran out the door yelling at my parents "Mom, Dad! I'm going to lunch don't know when I'll be back bye!!" and before they could respond I ran out the door. 
We went to this cute little cafe a little ways away from zayns house. We talked for what seemed like hours, then after Zayn had paid, we walked over to his house. We walked up to his room (which I only went in when his parents weren't home) he opened the door and we sat on the bed and talked. He told me how much he's going to miss me, and how lonely he will be without me around because according to him I was the life of the party even when there wasn't a party, I smiled and he continued "many guys see me with you and they assume we are together" "ya, so?" " amanda, when I first met you I fell in love,""I'm sorry what? Are you saying that you love me?" "just listen," he said with a serious look on his face "I've loved you since the day I first saw you, and when I found out you had a boyfriend, I-" I cut him off before he could say any more"I've never had a boyfriend while I lived here, I broke it off with him after I moved from... From..." "from where?" "America, I never told anybody that because that was when I almost died..." a tear escaped from my eye and I didn't bother wiping it away, Zayn did it for me. "wait what?! You almost died?! Who? How? What!?
"ya actually five times, my ex, Jared... Well, I caught him kissing my best friend and so I broke it off with him. But he didn't see this as just a break up, he saw it as a opportunity for revenge, because I dumped his best friend- who i didn't know was his best friend- because I didn't really like him like that. Well one night I was out on a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend and my date, we took a walk and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what Jared had in his hand. At the moment I has holding hands with the boy and he told me that if I didn't drop his hand and get back with him he would shoot me, and he said that if he refused, then he would shoot my best friend and her bf- who happened to be my dates best friend. Well we didnt believe he would actually do something like that, so we refused with my bffs consent, he pointed the gun and shot my best friend then her bf when he tried to run, and then me I fell to the ground and the last thing I remember is seeing a face over me and then nothing." " well what did you mean when you said five times?" " well, they rushed me to surgery and my heart stopped 4 times on the table. They told my parents I wasn't going to wake up again and I didnt for about 4-5 days, then I started to open my eyes and they told me that I needed to describe the shooter, and that was when my heart stopped for the 5th time, so we packed up and moved here." " oh wow I had no idea" "I rather not talk about it anymore." he drove me home and told me he would see me tonight at my going away party.
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