A perfect disaster

This is the story of you and Harry. After a disaster almost killed you, a perfect boy with dimples, curly, brown hair and gorgeous green eyes falls in love. His dream is to have a daughter called Darcy, will she be your daughter?


6. To us!

The rest of the wedding was amazing, your dress lit up when it got dark and you danced to more than this, sung by the other One Direction boys.  At the end of the night you changed into a shorter, but still gorgous red dress and got taken away in a red limozine with the love of your life for an amazing honeymoon, Harry only just told you it was going to be on a tropical island somewhere near Hawaai or something. You weren't really listening. Harry was wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts and looked dashing as usual, he reached into the cooler next to him and popped a bottle of champagne "to us" he said pouring two glasses "to us" you repeated, in a state of absolute happiness.
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