A perfect disaster

This is the story of you and Harry. After a disaster almost killed you, a perfect boy with dimples, curly, brown hair and gorgeous green eyes falls in love. His dream is to have a daughter called Darcy, will she be your daughter?


1. Our Story

A perfect disaster
You and Harry have been dating for exactly 2 years which makes today your 2 year anniversary. You're sitting on the couch, you have assumed that he's forgotten about the anniversary, he's done nothing out of the ordinary today. As you sit on the couch you rest your eyes and remember the first time you laid eyes on the perfect boy of dreams when you were 13. Louis was originally your favourite but you soon fell for his curly mop and his gorgeous dimples. You had first seen him through a post on Facebook leading to a you tube clip of the boys singing on he X Factor UK. You instantly fell in love with them and soon posters started to fill your wall. You also remember when you first saw Harry in person. It was a foggy night and you were driving home from work. You were only on your P plates and were really scared because you could barely see. You didn't see the traffic light flash red and continued driving through the intersection and soon got hit by a big black van. You vaguely remember spinning round and round, being far to afraid to even move, jut praying that you would survive. You also remember his gorgeous green eyes looking directly into yours as he tried to get you out of your destroyed car. The other boys were trying to help too, Liam called the ambulance and just before they arrived Harry managed to open the door. He sat next to you an comforted you, promising he would stay beside you until you were better. The ambulance came and took you away and put you in hospital, when you woke up, you were in an entirely white room, with the same green eyes that saved your life staring down at you.
"hey beautiful" you remember him saying with a cheeky smile. He then got out a pen and wrote a number on your hand and walked off, saying something along the lines of "gotta go love it ain't much of a concert without me" he winked at you and walked off.
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