A perfect disaster

This is the story of you and Harry. After a disaster almost killed you, a perfect boy with dimples, curly, brown hair and gorgeous green eyes falls in love. His dream is to have a daughter called Darcy, will she be your daughter?


5. I do

This is the moment you had been waiting for all your life, the day you had been planning since you were just a little girl. Though you had never expected you'd be marrying someone as amazing and famous as Harry Styles. You had chosen the theme colours of red and white, to match the ring Harry had given you when you became engaged. Your dress, was another story. You had chosen a bright red dress with fairy lights all over it, so at night you would light up. You are pretty sure Harry is expecting a white dress, but why would you want to stick with the white stereotype when you can be your own person. You hopped out of the white limousine and followed your bridesmaids down the isle, your father by your side, at the end of the isle is the man of your dreams, Harry Styles, and soon you'll be [Y/N] Styles too.
Your dress was strapless but stiff around the top, like a corset but you were still afraid of it falling down. You look up at your mamas your father leaves your arm and smile, he pulls a face and you start to laugh. He can always make you laugh, one of the reasons you stayed with him through the hate for 3 years. The priest blabbers on about the meaning of love or whatever, you weren't really listening, you were already lost in his eyes. The priest asked you to repeat some words then you finally got to say the two magic words that would link you together forever "I do" he repeated his question to Harry who, with a huge smile on his face said, "I do"
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