A perfect disaster

This is the story of you and Harry. After a disaster almost killed you, a perfect boy with dimples, curly, brown hair and gorgeous green eyes falls in love. His dream is to have a daughter called Darcy, will she be your daughter?


4. Duh!

You stood and stared for a few seconds, then pulled him off the ground and kissed him and said "Yes! From the moment I first saw you I have waited for you to ask me that, yes of course! I would love to call you my husband, and now finally I have a chance to take my revenge, you stole my heart, I'll steal your last name!" 
"Sounds good love" he said as he slid the ring onto your finger.
"No babe, it sounds perfect" You correct him. You kiss him, but the moment is ruined when the rest of the boys wolf whistle at you both. "Let's get 'em" you say, he winks at you and you run after them. 
You are so ready for your life with Harry, you can't wait for the wedding.
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