A perfect disaster

This is the story of you and Harry. After a disaster almost killed you, a perfect boy with dimples, curly, brown hair and gorgeous green eyes falls in love. His dream is to have a daughter called Darcy, will she be your daughter?


2. A Gift

After you were released the next day, you called him and arranged a date at a gazebo in the middle of a park. That date was followed by six months worth of amazing dates, each one better than the last. 
Your train of thought was cut by your phone having a spasm on the table as it vibrated. It was a text from Harry, it read:
Happy 2 years babe :) get dressed up and wait out the front in an hour I've got a surprise for you <3 xoxo
You got dressed up and went outside to find Louis in the front seat of a black van, like the one that almost killed you, the one that was carrying your future boyfriend, the one that was carrying the man who would save you. But now Louis was the only one in there. You hopped in the passenger seat and Louis said "someone looks drop dead gorgeous" which only made things more awkward. "Thanks" you reply, "Any time" he says. You always found it a bit awkward being around Louis, a little bit because you spent several years of your life fangirling over him and a little bit because Harry told you he had a bit of a crush on you. He waited until you had done up your seatbelt then drove off.
"Remember what you did to another van like this?" he asked chuckling a bit.
"Remember what another van like this did to me?" you replied showing him the scar on the back of your neck.
"Point taken" he replied.
He drove you to a park where Liam was standing and singing One Thing, he handed you a red envelope, but never once did he stop singing. The envelope contained a single instruction, FOLLOW THE ARROWS. 
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