Shoreside Summer

When Sarabeth Jackson has to move in with her horrible uncle after her parent's death, she thinks that nothing will ever get better. That is, until she meet Tristan, a total boy-next-door, who shows her the ways of Shoreside. He also introduces her to her aunt, Morgan, who owns the local music store. Find out what happens to these two best friends and Sara's awesome aunt in Shoreside Summer! :)


6. Chapter 6

We stand by the customers, Tristan and I, and we wait.  Morgan laughs with the customers.  She has a nice laugh, like little bells, not too loud, not too soft.

"Hey, Tristan! What can I help you with?"  she says, turning to us with a smile as she finishes with the other customers.

"Actually, I'm not here for me." He gestures to me with his hand.  "This is Sarabeth Jackson. She moved in with Jed and Macy recently, she's your niece."  He says it casually, like it isn't as important as I know that it is.

"Hello," I greet her.

"Oh, I've seen you here before!" Her voice softens and becomes almost wistful.  "I remember seeing baby pictures of you in the few family albums Jed had.  You look so grown up!" I smile.

"I'm sorry about your parents." The fact that she knows about my parents surprises me, and I'm not prepared for that statement.  I don't say anything, just look at my feet.

"So I just wanted to bring Sara over to meet you, she didn't know you still lived here." Tristan smooths over the sad moment easily, which I'm grateful for.

"Oh! Of course, I doubt your uncle has said one word about me,"  There's a hint of disdain in her voice.  "I'm sorry if he's treated you badly."

"Thank you,"  Now I speak, because this I can talk about.

"If you ever need to get out of that house, or time away from him, my door here is always open for you.  In fact..." She trails off, reaching across the counter, grabbing a post-it note and a pen.  "Why don't we meet up for lunch one day? I'd love to get the chance to get to know you."

"Um, sure." I say.  "When is good for you?"

"Whenever is good for you,"  She says, writing something on the paper.  "I assume you have a cell phone?"

"Yes,"  I say, taking the post-it note as she hands it to me.

"Well, text me when you find a time that works for you, or if you just want to talk, okay? I can give you a list of restaurants and you can pick the time and place you want to go."  I'm overwhelmed by her kindness.

"Okay, thank you so much."

"Thank you for coming over! And Tristan, thanks for taking Sara to meet me.  We really appreciate it.  And I'll be calling you about that summer job soon, sound good?"

"Yeah! Definitely, I'm looking forward to maybe working here."  His face lights up.

"You too, Sara.  If you want to apply for a job, maybe you can earn some money.  I'd love to have you in the store."

"Thank you,"  I say, smiling.  Finally something that might go my way.  "I'll think about it."

"Well, we're getting a new shipment of Fender guitars in today, so I need to go prep for that, but thanks so much for dropping by, and please, please text me if you need anything."  She flashes me one more smile, and I wonder how someone who seems so nice and genuine could ever end up married to someone like Jed in the first place.

"I will, thank you so much.  Bye!" I smile and wave as she turns to go into a back room, and Tristan says his goodbyes as well.  Then we walk out of the store and head next door for coffee.

"How much do I need to put on an application for that job?"  I say, sitting down with my hot chocolate.

"It isn't much, honestly.  Morgan is pretty chill about it and she wants someone that she knows really well, so I had a leg up on most of the people that applied.  Of course you'd be right at the top of her list, if you applied." He takes a sip of his drink.  "Are you thinking of applying?"

"Yeah, I am.  Pretty seriously, actually.  Any excuse that I can find to get out of the house is one I'm going to take.  And an excuse that's going to pay me money? Even better."

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