Shoreside Summer

When Sarabeth Jackson has to move in with her horrible uncle after her parent's death, she thinks that nothing will ever get better. That is, until she meet Tristan, a total boy-next-door, who shows her the ways of Shoreside. He also introduces her to her aunt, Morgan, who owns the local music store. Find out what happens to these two best friends and Sara's awesome aunt in Shoreside Summer! :)


5. Chapter 5

I'm walking back from the library when I see Tristan walking into his house with Tally on a leash.  He sees me and waves.  It's so good to have friends.

"Hey, Sara," He calls.

"Hey, what's up?"  I answer, stopping at the foot of the porch.

"Oh, just taking Tally for a morning walk.  Let me go put her inside and then we'll go."

I stand, slightly awkwardly, on the porch until he comes back out. 

"You ready?" He asks.

"Only if you are."  I reply, smiling.  He nods and beckons for me to follow as he heads down the stone walkway and out to the boardwalk.

"So how hard was it to get out of the house this morning?"  Tristan asks, kicking a loose piece of gravel that's on the boardwalk.

"Not hard at all.  It's Saturday morning, Jed and Macy won't wake up until late.  I'm an early riser, so I just got up and left.  I've already been to the library."  I shrug.

"Wow, you know how to get things done!"  I laugh as he looks at me, impressed.

"Thanks,"  I say.  "I think?"

"No, it was a compliment."  He says, looking at the ground.  "Here we are!" 

"Wow," I say. "I can't believe that my aunt owns this place. I've walked by it so many times and never even known!"

"Well, the important thing is that you know now." Tristan says, opening the door to the store for me. I thank him and walk inside.

The familiar atmosphere is calming. I look around at the shelves of sheet music, the hanging racks of guitars, and the buckets filled to the brim with tuners, capos, drumsticks, and everything in between.

"Look there," Tristan says, nudging my arm. He's pointing to a lady in the corner of the store.  She's tall for a woman, probably five-foot-ten or so.  She has long, dirty blonde hair and a willowy figure.  She's talking and laughing with a few customers, and I like her instantly.

"That's Morgan."  He continues.  "Want me to introduce you?"

"Yeah."  I say, smiling at him.

"Alright then, let's go."  And without another moment's hesitation, he strides towards Morgan, pulling me behind him.


**A/N: Sorry it's so short! I've been so busy I haven't had time to update anything! Comment if you want me to continue-- if there are people reading, I'll keep writing but if no one is reading then I'll take a break.  Let me know what you think!!  -xoxBree

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