Shoreside Summer

When Sarabeth Jackson has to move in with her horrible uncle after her parent's death, she thinks that nothing will ever get better. That is, until she meet Tristan, a total boy-next-door, who shows her the ways of Shoreside. He also introduces her to her aunt, Morgan, who owns the local music store. Find out what happens to these two best friends and Sara's awesome aunt in Shoreside Summer! :)


4. Chapter 4

When I get back inside, the first thing that happens is an angry Jed shoves a package in my face.

"This came from that Janice lady who's always sending you stuff," He says gruffly.  I nod in reply.  When I get up to my room, I open the package and find some new clothes, some money, a new pair of sparkly blue TOMS, two new books, and a chocolate bar, the kind thats filled with caramel.  I smile and silently thank my mom's best friend.  I find the note that she always sends and read it eagerly.


Here's some more little things.  I know your Uncle probably doesn't take you to American Eagle all that often!   I hope you like the shoes as well.  Hopefully sometime soon I can come and get you and we can hang out for a week or two in town.

Love you and miss you!


I'm shaking my head in wonder.  Why is this lady so nice to me?  With that thought still in mind, I pull on pajamas and go to bed.


I slide on a pair of light wash skinny jeans the next morning, pairing them with a light blue top and red Converse low-tops.  It's almost 11:30 and I've spent a lazy morning lounging around the house, reading my new books and then cooking breakfast and vaccuming, dusting, and polishing the dining and living rooms.  I swear it's like I'm Cinderella without the rags.  And the only reason I don't wear those is because of Janice sending me clothes.  I grab my phone (also paid for by Janice) and tuck a little bit of the money she sent me in my back pocket.  I try not to spend to much, I have a little locked jewelry box that I keep an envelope with all the money she sends me in it.  So far I've broken into it for guitar strings and then today in case I'm out for lunch or something.  I grab my hair brush and quickly pull it through my hair, then grab the two library books I need to return off of my dresser.  I run downstairs and leave the house without a second glance.  The library is only about five minutes away walking, so I should have time to drop these books off and then meet up with Tristan at noon like we said.

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