Shoreside Summer

When Sarabeth Jackson has to move in with her horrible uncle after her parent's death, she thinks that nothing will ever get better. That is, until she meet Tristan, a total boy-next-door, who shows her the ways of Shoreside. He also introduces her to her aunt, Morgan, who owns the local music store. Find out what happens to these two best friends and Sara's awesome aunt in Shoreside Summer! :)


3. Chapter 3

"Hey," Tristan says.  "Do you want me to take you over there tomorrow to meet Morgan?"

"That would be great!" I say, smiling widely.  "Would you mind?"

"Not at all," He says.  "We should probably head back, though.  It's getting late."

"Oh.  Ok." I say.  "So, where do you live?"

He turns around, and I follow him back down the boardwalk.

"Right next to Jed's house, actually.  The blue one with a stone pattern, and the-"

"Yellow shutters," I finish with him.  "I love that house!"

"Really?" He says, smiling.  "That's cool."

I smile sheepishly.  "Sorry.  That sounded a little stalker."

"No, that's fine, not at all."  He pauses and looks at Tally.  "So, do you want to go over in the morning or the afternoon?"

"Enh," I shrug.  "My uncle doesn't really care where I go or what I do.  So whenever is good for you works for me!"  He smiles at that.

"How about I come and get you at say, noon?" 

"Oh, no, I don't think that's a good idea.  How about we just meet on the boardwalk outside of your house.  I don't think my uncle will like the idea of me leaving with a friend."  As we reach Tristan's house, He lets go of Tally's leash and she runs up onto their porch.

"Ok.  Sounds good!  See you at noon."  He makes his way up the where Tally is.

"Bye,"  I call up to him as I keep walking.

"Bye, Sara!  See you tomorrow!"  I smile again as he yells back at me.

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