Shoreside Summer

When Sarabeth Jackson has to move in with her horrible uncle after her parent's death, she thinks that nothing will ever get better. That is, until she meet Tristan, a total boy-next-door, who shows her the ways of Shoreside. He also introduces her to her aunt, Morgan, who owns the local music store. Find out what happens to these two best friends and Sara's awesome aunt in Shoreside Summer! :)


2. Chapter 2

After serving the pasta in bowls for Macy and Uncle Jed, I decide to go take a walk.  I consider telling Jed I'm going, but I realize that he won't even notice I'm gone.  So I grab my cell phone (that Janice is paying for) and my notebook and leave the house, grabbing my sweatshirt on the way out.

I step out of the house, smelling the sea air.  It smells so much better than the smoky smelling inside of the house.  I think if I lived here under different circumstances, I would really love Shoreside.  But, given my current situation, I don't.  I don't even have any friends here.

I turn and walk quickly down the boardwalkoutside the house.  A little farther down, the house next door, is my favorite house around here.  It's really cute, with light blue siding and a stone front, completed with pale yellow shutters.  I wonder who lives there.  I don't really know any of my neighbors.

Sorry, you probably hate listening to me complain.  It's hard not to.

I stand and study the house a little bit.  I wish I could draw it, but I can't draw to save my life.  I move on, studying the other houses as I go.  I check my phone, but seeing the time I decide to go the other way.  I turn and walk back down the street and I see a kid walking down the street with a big, long haired golden retriever.  I smile.  It looks just like my friend Jack's dog.

"Tally, No!" I hear someone yell.  I look up and see the huge dog barreling towards me.  I step out of the way, but it still runs into my leg and I fall over clumsily.  The dog starts licking my hands and I laugh and set my notebook and sweatshirt down on the boardwalk next to me.  I ruffle the dog's fur.

"Oh my gosh I am SO sorry!" The boy says, running his fingers through his brown hair as he rushes up to me.  "Are you ok?"

"Yeah," I say, still laughing.  "I'm fine."

"Sorry about her," He says, gesturing to the dog.  "Tally can get a little..... excited sometimes."

"No, she's fine."

"Here, let me help you." He says, reaching out.  I take his hand and he pulls he to my feet.

"Thanks," I say, brushing my long, wavy, brown hair out of my face.

"I haven't seen you around here before.  What's your name?"

"I'm Sarabeth Jackson," I say.  "But you can call me Sara.  What's yours?"

"I'm Tristan Walsch." He says, smiling.  "And this is Tally, my dog."


"Did you just move here?" He asks, grabbing Tally's leash.

"Yeah, I moved in with my Uncle.  We live there," I say, pointing to the plain cream colored house.

"Your uncle is Jed Jackson?" He says, looking at me with concern.

"Yeah," I say, looking at my feet.  "Why?"

"I'm sorry," Tristan says, looking at Tally.  "That was rude.  I've just heard things about him from my mom and dad."

"Really?" I say.  "What?"

"Well," He says as we start to walk.  "I don't want to offend you."

"Don't worry about it," I say.  "There's not really a way you can make my opinion of him worse.  Or better.  We don't have a very good relationship."

"Oh," He says.  "Well, about six years ago, he and his wife had this huge fight because he was cheating on her.  For some reason, Macy took her Dad's side.  That's why she lives with him."

"Wow." I say, looking at him.  "Do you know if my aunt still lives here in Shoreside?"

"Yeah, she does.  She's one of my mom's very good friends."  He looks at me, confused.  "You mean you've never even heard about her?"

"....No," I say.

"Jed never even mentioned her to you?"

"No," I say, nodding.

"Wow.  I'm surprised, actually.  Don't know why." He thinks and winds Tally's leash over his hand another time.  "He probably doesn't want you to meet her.  Then you'll want to live with her."

"Why?" I ask, although I think I know why.

"She's a lot more approachable than your uncle." He thinks a second.  "He works at the bank, right?"

"Yeah," I say.  "But he hates it.  He sits kind of low on the totem pole so he resents those above him.  Comes home complaining every day."

"Well your Aunt," Tristan says, looking at the sunset in front of us.  "Your Aunt owns the local music store.  Her name is Morgan."

"Oh!" I say, surprised to find I think I know which music store he's talking about.  "Do you mean the one over by the library?  It's called..... um........."

"Easy Notes!" I exclaim at the same time Tristan finishes my sentence.

"Yeah, I know that place." I say.  "I've actually been in there a couple times.  I needed some new strings for my guitar and some picks."

"You play guitar?"

"Yeah," I say sheepishly.  "And I sing and play piano."

"That's cool," He says.  "I play saxophone in our school's band."

"Oh, cool!" I say. "I've always wanted to learn to play saxophone."

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