Staying in the Moment

Alice and her best friend Sarah decide that the perfect place to go to college would be Oxford University, in the beautiful city of London, England. But, they get an unexpected surprise when they meet Greg Horan, Niall Horan's brother from One Dircetion. As Alice and Sarah get thrown into the lives of the five famous boys, Alice's ex-boyfriend, Grant, comes back into her life. Bringing back new and old feelings. Alice has to pick how she loves and learns that life is not what she expected. On the other hand, Sarah's keeping secrets that will get her into nothing but trouble.


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"Can  you believe we have been living here, in London, for THREE WEEKS!"

Sarah and I were shopping for furniture for our new apartment, that still wasn't finished.When Mike, the inspector, came and checked our place, he told us we had plumbing and electrical problems. He said it would take at least two to three weeks to fix.

"Alice, what do you think of this?"

"Sarah, put the cow phone down, before I shot myself. We are not having that in our house."

"But, Alice." Sarah said in a powdie little girls voice.

"It moo's every time someone calls. It will get so annoying, that we have to pick up the phone every time it rings."

"And you want that?" I gave Sarah a skeptical look, but she returned it with her puppy dog face. SHE KNOWS I CANT TURN DOWN THOSE HAZEL EYES. DAMN HER. I gave a grunt and said, "Fine, put it in the cart. But, that's the last time those puppy dog eyes are going to work on me." Now Sarah was giving me the skeptical look.

"Ya okay, and I'm never going to eat chocolate again."

"What time is it? We have to meet Greg at Nando's at three."

"Chill your tits babe, its only two. We got time, but what else is on the list. We need mugs right?" Sarah skipped over to the were the mugs were and was picking up weird animal print ones. Greg and I have hung out a couple times in that last few weeks. He just left last week though, to go introduce Mary to his family. Mary was this girl he has been dating for like a year now, and was actually the chick he met up with at the bar. Sarah was walking back with four cow print mugs, with udders as there base. Before I could even get a word out she gave me the puppy dog eyes and said "PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE!"

"Okay fine, but only put in two, I'm not using those things." I strut past Sarah with my sassy walk, making her call after me with "WORK IT GIRL! STRUT WHAT THE GOOD LORD GAVE YA!"  I  looked at my watch which read 2:20, so I grabbed two Indian printed ones and headed for the check-out. I turned my head looking for Sarah but she was no were in sight.


"I'M COMING" Sarah strolled out of the clock section putting her phone back in her pocket and carrying a retro neon blue wall clock under her arm. What was with Sarah lately. She would have never picked up those cow mugs or phone. She also was really moody lately. Maybe it was that time of the month.

"Okay so I say this clock and was like 'OMG we have to have this, so we're buying it." She handed it to the check-out lady, the check out lady look at me to the clock and asked if this would be credit or debit. We walked to the car and I started piling things into the car as fast as I could. Sarah, on the other hand, was taking her sweet time.

"Can you please hurry up? We're going to be late."

"Actually I'm not going. That's was the doctor on the phone and she said that she could fit me in at 3:15, instead on 4.Oh that ice cream looks good."

Sarah's eyes were trained on this little girls ice cream cone who was walking past us with her mom. "What is with you lately. You have been craving things like crazy for the last week. I swear to god your acting like a pregnant person." I laughed waiting for Sarah to come in with me, but she didn't.

"I am pregnant." I stopped laughing stared at her looking for any sign in her face that this was a joke.

"What do you mean your pre-pre-pre...." Sarah had to finish for me, "Pregnant? Well it seems crazy to me too." She slammed down the back of the trunk.

"About a week ago I was supposed to start my period. I thought it was no big deal, I'm late sometimes. But as the days went by it never came. Last night when you stayed over at Niall's I took a pregnancy test. Alice, it came back positive, I wasn't going to tell you anything until after I was sure."

"That's why your going to the doctor?"

"Yes. Know will you please just get into the car." She had the passenger door open, waiting for me to make a movement toward the car. I couldn't, I felt paralyzed. Sarah moved over and took my hand, putting me into the seat. She even had to put my seat belt on. How could my best friend be pregnant. We were so young, we haven't even started college yet. She came over to the divers side and tried to start the engine before I stopped her.

"Harry's the father right?"

"Of course Harry's the father. I'm not some hoe bag that goes around and sleeps with a different boy every night." I could feel her staring at me, but I could not get the courage to look back.

"Alice,please just look at me. I need someone." She started to ball. I just sat there, even more shocked. Sarah never cried, not at all in any of the years we were best friends. In our relationship she was always the strong, out-going, protective one. He never showed anyone her sensitive side, not even to me. Im some strange why her crying brought me back to life. I opened my arms and Sarah took that chance willingly to hug me. We just sat there for a while, her crying and saying "I'm scared, Alice, I'm scared." After about five minutes of this, I tried bringing her back to her strong self.

"Babe I know your scared. I scared for you. But, you have to put yourself together. Home pregnancy test can always be wrong. You wont know the truth unless we get to the doctor, and were going to be late." She sat up, and nodded her said saying,"Your right, while go to the doctor and the we will know. I could just be over reacting." She was shaking like crazy, she could not even put the key into the ignition. I have never seen her this worked up over something.

"Here, come on, lets switch, your just going to have to tell me how to get there."

"Your coming? What about Greg?" I could barley hear her through the snuffles.

"I'll call Greg, tell him your not feeling well and you need me to stay." On the way to the doctor I called Greg, telling him Sarah wasn't feeling well and she needs me. We got in right at 3:15. Sarah went to go sign the papers, while I grabbed us seats for us to wait for her name to be called. Right when she sat down she grabbed my hand and was squeezing as hard as I think she possibly could. I didn't complain though, i knew she was scared. About five minutes later a brown haired nurse came around the corner. "

Sarah Collins?" The nurse was searching the room for Sarah, but she just sat there. "Babe, your up. Go, ill wait here." I gave Sarah a little shove and she headed off toward the nurse. I sat there waiting thinking about if this did come back positive, it would have a huge affect on me and Sarah's live. I have always leaned on Sarah. Now the roles would be reversed. Sarah came back about five minutes later, with her coat on and ready to go.

"Lets go." She didn't say anything after that. Nothing in the car or walking into the hotel,with our large shopping bags. It wasn't until we were safely in the elevator when she said,"She said she would call me when the tests are in. It could be as early as tonight." We reached our floor, Sarah grabbed the bags she set on the floor and headed for our room. She changed into sweats and a t shirt and sat down on the bed. She just sat there staring at her phone, waiting for the call. It was kinda funny actually, she didn't even watch the TV.Two hours later Sarah's phone went off and she grabbed it eagerly.

"Yes..........Okay...........Thank you." It was the shorted conversation I have ever heard.

"It's positive. I'm officially pregnant."

"Sarah I....." I only got that much out, before Sarah started the water works all over again. I came to the bed and held her, but about fifteen minutes later there was a knock at our door.

"SARAH I BROUGHT SOUP!" He looked around me seeing Sarah crying and ran to comfort her.

"Babe, whats wrong?"

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