Staying in the Moment

Alice and her best friend Sarah decide that the perfect place to go to college would be Oxford University, in the beautiful city of London, England. But, they get an unexpected surprise when they meet Greg Horan, Niall Horan's brother from One Dircetion. As Alice and Sarah get thrown into the lives of the five famous boys, Alice's ex-boyfriend, Grant, comes back into her life. Bringing back new and old feelings. Alice has to pick how she loves and learns that life is not what she expected. On the other hand, Sarah's keeping secrets that will get her into nothing but trouble.


3. William

"You should probably get that."

 Someone was at the door making little melodies of knocks. I could hear my best friend Sarah in the background, making little giggles. Niall gave me one last quick kiss, then walked over to get the door.

"Hey Harry!"

"What up bro? Are you and Alice ready? I heard you could refuel after last night."Harry and Sarah laughed together.

So Sarah did tell Harry about me and Niall, that bitch. Niall gave me a skeptical look out of the corner of his eye, but I just walked back into his bed room to grab my purse.I was only gone ten seconds, but when I reappeared from Niall's room, he and Harry where gone. Sarah looked up at me and said "They went to go get a cab." She had this cold, almost harsh tone to her voice.

"Whats wrong with you?" I asked in a joking voice.

Instead of answering me she walked out the door, closing it behind her. I was just standing there in Niall's apartment alone, thinking what the hell was up with my best friend. Sarah sounded  fine earlier this morning.She was even giggling with Harry a minute ago, outside the door. I re-opened the door and walked out to the cab were Niall,Harry and Sarah were waiting for me in the cab.
Niall saw this confused look on my face and asked "You okay love?" I nodded as I got into the back with Sarah and Harry. The whole car ride they were making lovey dovey faces at each other, and saying no I like you more, oh no I like you more. I never really pictured Harry as the type of guy to do that sort of thing, but I guess I was wrong. The cab driver pulled up in front of a IHop and Harry and Sarah climbed. I was about to open my door, but Niall beat me to it. He was staring at me in a 'proper' way and said "My lady." He extend out his hand, I toke it, and stepped gracefully out of the car.

"Why thank you good sir", I said in my worst British accent and he laughed.

 "I'm sorry to interrupt sir, but I have to get going."

Niall paid the cab driver and we walked inside. We found Sarah and Harry in the back of the restaurant, looking at menus. Niall was sitting across Sarah, and me Harry. The waiter came, "Can I get you..... OH MY. You to are from One Direction aren't you?" Harry answered with "Ya I'm Harry and that's Niall."

"Well my cousin just loves you, can I get a picture."

"Not to be rude but can you take it after we eat?"

"Why sure you can? Now what do you want to drink sugar." The waitress had a think southern accent, which was weird because we were in London. Harry ordered apple juice, so did Sarah, Niall ordered a tea, and me a cup of black coffee, no sugar, no cream. After the waiter left the table, Niall looked at me "You drink black coffee straight up? How do you do it?" He had this surprised look on his face.

"Um ya, every since I was fourteen. My sister and dad drank it that way, so they got me on it."

"Wow, your strong. I can barley handle the stuff." The waiter came back with our drinks and we ordered. The rest of breakfast was all four of use talking about our childhood. Sarah and I grew up together, so almost all of our stories were about experiences with each other.

"You two really have been friends forever." Harry said while we were walking out of IHop, after taking the picture with the waiter. Sarah said "Ya, and I couldn't picture it any other way. Wow, I sounded like I was in a cheesy chick flick, for a second." Harry and I giggled, but Niall was laughing harder for some reason.

 "Sarah its almost ten, we have to go meet the real-a-state agent then. What did you say his name was again?"

 "Um I think it was William something. But your right, we should get going." Sarah's mood seemed to have gottin better over breakfast, but I didn't know when it was going to change again.

 "Love? Where is your first apartment at? We could properly ride together if it's close enough." Sarah looked at me for help, so I replied to Harry with "West 54th street."

"Perfect! I told Louis we would hang out to day so I can just walk a bloke down." "What are you doing today?" I turned toward Niall who was quite for this whole conversation.

"Nothing really, I was just going to go shopping or golfing or something." He shrugged and looked at me in the 'why do you ask face'.

 "You could come with me and Sarah? You know what to look for in a house, I mean you bought the apartment your living in now?"

"Ya babe, but" Niall lowered his voice and continued, "Sarah's giving me the death stare and i'm guessing shes wanting me to say no." I turned to look at Sarah and he was right she was looking at Niall with fierce eyes.

"I promise love, we can hang out later." Niall grabbed a cab, and we all piled in. When you got to 54th street, Sarah gave Harry a kiss and climbed out behind me. Niall rolled down his window, so I poked part of my head in.

 "I'll call you babe, just text me when your done house hunting." I nodded and he gave me a long sweet kiss. I ducked my head out and the cab drove away. Sarah was standing behind me, "You to are SOOOOO lovey dovey, with that boy."

 "Oh I am", I replied with the sarcastic tone, I'm famous for "'no I like you more, no I like you more'" I started laughing at there own stupid love game.

 "Fine you win with that one. Now where is this place?"
We walked for a minute until we reached stairs going to an apartment building. There was a man standing there that looked very fermilair. He was tall, blond hair, that could almost pass as a buzz cut and was buff. He looked right at me with these gray-blue eyes, and then I knew.

"Alice Smith, is that you?I forgot you were moving here London."
 It was William Sled, Grants older brother.

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