Staying in the Moment

Alice and her best friend Sarah decide that the perfect place to go to college would be Oxford University, in the beautiful city of London, England. But, they get an unexpected surprise when they meet Greg Horan, Niall Horan's brother from One Dircetion. As Alice and Sarah get thrown into the lives of the five famous boys, Alice's ex-boyfriend, Grant, comes back into her life. Bringing back new and old feelings. Alice has to pick how she loves and learns that life is not what she expected. On the other hand, Sarah's keeping secrets that will get her into nothing but trouble.


8. Welcome Lucy


"I just... you are... going to be so mad with me." Sarah was crying so hard that, when she breathed, it sounded like she was hyperventilating.

"Babe, how do you know i'll be mad, when you haven't seen my reaction from whatever you are hiding from me." He had a look of udder concern on his face. I could tell he really cared about her, but he had no idea what she was about to tell him would change his life forever.

"Sarah, please talk to me. I hate seeing you like this. You know I will always be there for you, through anything. I promise." He wrapped his arms around her, but she pulled away and ran into the bathroom. I caught the door right as she was about to close it, and went in behind her. I locked the door and looked down at Sarah, who was on the floor looking for something in the bottom drawer.

"Sarah, what are you doing? Come on get off the floor." I tried to help her up, but she moved her body at an angle between the sink and the cabinet so I couldn't reach her.

"No, I will not get off the floor. I need to find.." She spoke in a really soft wispher, that I could barely hear her.  

"The test. I need to show Harry proof. You need to leave." She was gaining more of her normal voice back. "I need to be with him, alone. I need to tell him all by myself. Just go out there and tell him I felt like barfing and had to us the restroom or something."

She then contiued looking for the pregnancy test, she held it up in victory a second later. "Now leave, I have to pee on a stick." She laughed at her own childish joke. But how could she try to make this a joke? I gave her my fake laugh and smiled trying to play along. She returned with a giant grin and unlocked the door.

"But, seriously you need to leave. Call Niall or Louis or someone." I gave her a hug the left. Harry was sitting in the bed with a shocked look on this face. He has never been rejected by Sarah before. If anything she would just barry her body farther into his when he held her.When I spoke it woke him out of the trance. "Harry, uh.. she will be out in a minute..... she wasn't feeling well, but Niall called and needs me..... do you mind if I leave." I was horrible at lying, but I don't think he noticed.

"Ya, we will just call you if we need anything." He winked at me, while starting to get the soup he brought for Sarah out. I grabbed my coat and opened the door to the empty hallway. It took me sometime to close it, because I still didn't know if I could trust him with the news he was about to receive. This could change millions of peoples lives.What if he decided to leave the band, all of there fans would be so upset. Sarah wouldn't be able to live with herself if she was the one that broke them up. Or what if he choose to leave her, just walked out on her right when she told him. But he wouldn't right? I mean he did tell Sarah that he will always be there for her, but those are just words. I thinking way to much into this, I would just have to see what he would do when the time comes. I thought about standing in the hallway, but I told Harry that I was going to be with Niall. What if he just came running out the room, then what would I tell him? I was thinking way to much into this.... Again. I grabbed my phone and called Niall.

"Hey babe, where are you? Harry and Sarah kicked me out, so do you want to hang." 

"OH its so cute how you call him babe." It was Liam. This was the third time this week that he answered Niall's phone.  

"Oh hey Liam. Is Niall there?" "Ya, but he's still in the booth recording. Why don't you come down to the studio and wait till he's done. It should only take around 45 mins."  

"Okay, i'll see you soon."  

"Okay, bye babe." He was making fun if me. 

"Oh shut-up Liam." 

"Whatever you say babe." By the time he hung up, I had my coat on and was in the lobby of the hotel. I didn't have to walk far, the studio was only 6 blocks away from the hotel. It was dark and there were barely any cars on the street, which was strange for London. About 4 blocks down, my phone rang. It was an unknown number.

"Hello?" No answer. "If this is some little kid, that trying to prank call me. Just hang up, I don't have time for this shit." There was no reply, just really heavy breathing. I kept walking with the phone pressed against my ear. Sometimes, if a telephone record calls the take a second to respond. A car horn went off a couple of blocks behind me, but in the phone it sounded much closer. I turn around to find the hooded figure behind be standing right next to the car that went off. They took a phone off there ear a pressed a button. My line went dead. I usually went after him, but he just stood there looking at me. He has never done that before. He took a couple of steps forward, so I turned around and ran. I reached the studio doors a minute later out of breath. I turned around to see if they followed, but the street was empty.

"Alice, you look out of breath. What happened." It was Paul, the boys must have told him to come and let me in.

"Oh, nothing, I just felt a few drops of rain and waited to get there before it started pouring." I really needed to get better at lying. He held the door open, and let me in. I turned on last time down the street and found nothing.

"Niall should be done it a bit. But the rest of the boys are just hanging out up stairs." 

"And you left them alone?"

I knew how crazy they could get. I have been in the middle of a fruit fight. "Ya, Liam said he would keep them under control."

"Paul." He looked down on me with tired eyes. "Liam can be pressured to do things easily."

"Good point. I think it would be faster to take the stairs." He held the door open and we stared taking the stairs by two. Once we got there the boys were in a circle on the floor, singing random songs. Zayn screamed, "ALICE!", and they all jumped up and hugged me.

"Well it looks like your all having fun without us." I turned around and say Harry standing there with this petite brown haired girl on his side. It wasn't Sarah.

"Men ...... And Alice, meet Lucy , my new..... Um."

Lucy finished his sentence, just like a new couple would, "Girlfriend. Nice to meet all of you."

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