Staying in the Moment

Alice and her best friend Sarah decide that the perfect place to go to college would be Oxford University, in the beautiful city of London, England. But, they get an unexpected surprise when they meet Greg Horan, Niall Horan's brother from One Dircetion. As Alice and Sarah get thrown into the lives of the five famous boys, Alice's ex-boyfriend, Grant, comes back into her life. Bringing back new and old feelings. Alice has to pick how she loves and learns that life is not what she expected. On the other hand, Sarah's keeping secrets that will get her into nothing but trouble.


5. Shits About to get Real

When I got to the elevator Sarah was just getting off her phone. "So that was Mike, the inspector guy, and he said he would be here at three tomorrow. Does that time work for you?"

"Ya, I would just be hanging out with you anyway."

Sarah's phone started ringing to 'Barbie girl' and got this huge smile on her face.  "OHH HARRYS CALLING, its like he knew we just finished." The elevator door opened, Sarah walked out and walked further done the hallway so, I could not here there conversation. I left Sarah to talk her mushy love crap with Harry and got a tea. There was a Starbucks done the ways, so I stopped in and got a medium passion ice tea and then sat down at a small table in the front of the shop. I periodically kept looking at my phone, then out the window for any signs of Sarah. As I grazed my eyes over the people and cars on each side of the street, my eyes caught someone. The hooded figure. It looked identical to the person I say this morning. I kept my eyes locked on this person, before my phone started ringing to 'I'm Bringing Sexy Back' telling me Sarah was calling. I looked down to pick up my phone for just a couple of seconds, but when I looked up the hooded figure was gone.


"Bitch you left me.............If I find out that you got Starbucks without me............ OH SHITS ABOUT TO GET REAL!" "Um..ya sorry... I am at Starbucks.....its just around the corner."

My eyes were still searching the street for the hooded figure. "Oh I'm walking in right now." She hung up the phone and walked over to my table.

"Go buy me a drink. Oh don't give me that look, your the one that ditched me. Now, your paying the price."

I got her tea, and handed it to her, like maids do in movies.

"Enjoy your tea."

"I will. Ummm it tastes so much better when its free."

She winked at me and took a long swing of her cold tea. When she was done I asked, "What did Harry want to talk about?"

"Oh it was not Harry,it was Louis."

"Why was Louis calling you from Harry's phone?"

"Sarah don't be stupid, Louis does not have my number. But he wants both of us to go out to eat with him, Zayn and Liam tonight? I said we would go."

"Oh ya that's cool. Just say I can come. What if I had plans." 

"Do you have plans?"

"No, but....." I had no but, so I asked, "Why do they want to go out to eat with us?"

"Oh see that's what I asked Louis, but he said that Niall and Harry were talking to him about it being the best night of there live and they found their soul mates last night or something."

She said this in a manly voice, which made me giggle.

"Really? Niall said it was the best night of his life?"

This was surprising. We were both wasted, and had drunk sex. I mean we did get to know each other, before that all happened.

"When and were are we going to meet them?"

"Its a place called 'I have no fucking clue'. Louis told me that he was going to pick us up at our hotel, and it would be a surprise. We should wear something causal."

UGGG, I hated surprises,they were one of my worst favorite things in life. Yet, I still could not get my head around the fact that the rest of the boys wanted to get dinner with us. Niall hasn't even asked me out on a proper date yet. Did he really think that we were soul-mates? I liked him, but I don't think I love him,yet. When we got back to the hotel, Sarah was in a terrific state, trying to find what out fit she should wear tonight.


I looked at her than to her three duffel bag suit cases, that were now all over the floor. I, casually, walked over to her suit cases and grabbed the pair of her tall brown riding boats with a wedge, skinny jeans, and my red sweater, that had a short bottom. She looked at me than the outfit before exclaiming, "SUPER CUTE!! MAMMA LOOKIN GOOD TONIGHT! Now you have to top this hot outfit, before I get out of the shower.READY GO!" She ran to the shower, leaving me laughing behind her. I grabbed my baggy white sweater, with a pair of jeans and army style boots. I changed, not having to go into the shower because I took one last night with Niall..............I was just finishing up my make-up and was about to do my hair, when Niall called.


"Hello love. I was thinking we could go out to eat at this amazing pub tonight, what do you think?"

"Did the other boys not tell you? Louis asked us to go out to eat tonight with him, Zayn and Liam. There be here in 30 mins.But I would love to go tomorrow night, or maybe for lunch?"

Niall sounded desecrated in what he said next. "Ya, but wait Louis asked you?"

"Well not me,but Sarah. He called her from Harry's phone. He said that they wanted to get to know us better."

"What a lad! He would do that sort of thing.Louis is very protective to the people he cares about. He probably dragged Liam and Zayn to come with him.You'll have fun, there good mates, but don't be scared if Louis starts to ask you weird questions."

"Like what kind of 'weird' questions?" I didn't really think of this 'date' as being a interrogation.

"Personal questions, like if your still a virgin. But I already know the answer to that one."

He was laughing at his own silly joke on the other end of the phone. That's one thing I liked about Niall, he could make a joke out of anything.Sarah was coming out of the bathroom, hair done make-up on, telling me that I only had a little bit of time left to get ready.

"Niall I should go, I have to finish getting ready. I'll call you later."

"Okay, Ill be waiting for your call love."

At that he hung up. Ten minutes later someone was at our door, interrupting the intense conversation Sarah and I were having about weather or not we should have bought the apartment. Sarah got off her bed, mid-sentence, to go get the door.

"I'm just saying it was the perfect place for us and if we didn't buy it, you would have regretted it. " She opened the door and gave a loud yelp.

"OH SOMEONE LEFT YOU FLOWERS!" "How do you know there for me."

"There's a card."

She set the flowers done on the table, where I ran from the bed to read the card. How did Niall know my favorite flowers were sun flowers, and the card was purple, my favorite color. I do think I told Niall my favorite color last night.......................... I picked up the card, it read :

Dear Alice,
Ill see you soon........
Love, Grant

I through the letter across the room, right into Sarah's arm.

"GOSH, that kinda hurt you know. Whats wrong with your face... Niall cant be that bad at writing a love letter."

She picked up the card a read it to herself, then looked up at me with a shocked expression.

"Why would Grant be writing you a love letter? How did he even now were to send the flowers to? And whats with the creepy letter 'ill see you soon'."

I did know why Grant sent the flowers, but I thought it was no big deal. I really didn't think he would come and find me just of because of what happened. Someone knocked on our door, again. This time Sarah ran to the door, hoping to catch the person how put the flower there. Louis was standing, his hands in his pockets and a wide smile across his face.

"Wow, Harry was right, you are pretty. But are you to ready? WE GOIN TO PARTY!"

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