Staying in the Moment

Alice and her best friend Sarah decide that the perfect place to go to college would be Oxford University, in the beautiful city of London, England. But, they get an unexpected surprise when they meet Greg Horan, Niall Horan's brother from One Dircetion. As Alice and Sarah get thrown into the lives of the five famous boys, Alice's ex-boyfriend, Grant, comes back into her life. Bringing back new and old feelings. Alice has to pick how she loves and learns that life is not what she expected. On the other hand, Sarah's keeping secrets that will get her into nothing but trouble.


1. Leaving

"Oh sweetie I can't believe that you are going all the way to London." You could hardly tell what my mother was saying;she was crying like a lunatic. I look over to the best friend Sarah for help, but her mother was going more insane than mine. She had her arms wrapped around her daughter and was making loud yelps of sorrow. Sarah and I had both gotten accepted into Oxford University. I, however, had gotten into there school of law and she got into there school of medicine. We were leaving two months early, to get used to the time zones and find an apartment. "Ya, mom. I love you too. But if you don't let me go,I'm going to miss my flight." "Oh right, we can't let that happen can we." I said good-bye to my sister and dad, then headed off with Sarah to go through security. "God, did you see my mother. It felt like she was holding on to me for dear life"Sarah said after our parents were out of shooting rang. I laughed, while I handed the security guard my pass port and ticket. We made it through security, and were headed to our plane when Sarah's phone rang. "Hey,Grant.."Sarah said while giving me the death stare"Oh Sarah, she didn't answer her phone. Well I'm sure it must have died;you know she never charges it." Grant was my ex-boyfriend. He, though, thought that having sex with another girl, would be no big deal to me. HELLO ARE YOU STUPID. Know he thinks that's was the wrong thing to do and wants to have a long distance relationship. I have permanently blocked him from my phone, but he just calls Sarah. "Ya Grant, I have to go, the planes about to take off........ Yes the plane is leaving today..... Okay bye." This was a lie, we were walking to are deport area. She stared at me with her hazel eyes in a disappointed way. "You know you are going to have to face the poor boy sooner or later." "Oh you know that's kinda hard to do when your moving to a different country." I gave Sarah a fake huge smile, that she laughed at. "Hey, its like an twelve hour flight, so we should get coffee before the plane takes off." I nodded and headed over to the Starbucks that was right across from are deport area. Sarah got a large tea latte and I got a large black. We headed over to the waiting seats. "Alice, dude, hes calling again, what do I do." " I don't know just don't answer it and turn off your phone, are seat section is about to be called up." Sarah and I grabbed are carry-on's and headed toward the plane door. Our seats were separated, so Sarah took her seat up front, while I headed toward the back. There was a teenage boy, around sixteen already at the window seat. I took the middle seat, and the teenage boy didn't even turn when I sat down. About fifteen minutes later, a tall brown haired guy with a mustache came a sat next to me. After he got situated, he held out his hand and said in a strong Irish accent  "Hi, my names Greg. Greg Horan." I took his hand and gave it a quick shack and said "Alice. Alice Smith." "Well it is very nice to meet you Alice and I would get comfy now because its seems like it takes a lot more than twelve hours to get there." He said this while getting a carry-on pillow out of his bag. "Oh um, thanks for the tip. Do you travel a lot?" " Ya,kinda. My brother does, hes in a band and I visit him in the States sometimes. He got on the plane before me though, that bastard." I knew then that his brother was Niall Horan from One Direction. But I didn't really care, because, to me, their just like regular guys. For the rest of the flight me and Greg talked or feel asleep, while the teenager by the window didn't say a word or move. "We have now arrived in London, so please stay seated until that plane was come to a complete halt." I grabbed my carry-on from under the seat and closed my eyes for the landing. Once we landed Greg turned toward me and asked,"Me and my brother and a couple of his friends are going to this pub tonight on the west end of London. Do you think you and your friend can make it?" I looked down the seats to find Sarah having a hard time getting her carry-on off the top compartment and said "Ya you have my number, so just text me were it is." He said okay and then walked off the plane. I followed and met Sarah at the baggie clam. "Hey how was the cute guy you were talking too?" I told her it was a guy named Greg and he wanted use to come to a pub to hang out tonight. She replied with "Oh Alice, GETTIN SOME." I laughed really hard as we made our way to the rental cars.  
Sarah and I got to the hotel around three,we were arguing about how long we should have booked the hotel for. "I'm just saying, I think three days is a perfect amount of time to find an apartment." Sarah looked over with an annoyed look and said "Girl you must be crazy. THREE DAYS THAT'S LIKE NO TIME AT ALL!! We at least need a week, and because you are forcing me to come with you to this stupid party, we don't have time to look tonight." I looked at her like she has to be kidding me. "The last memory I have is you not shutting up about this stupid party'." We both looked at each other and laughed because we were fighting about something stupid. "Hey, you never now my future husband could be there" she said while gasping for breath. "Now help me pick an outfit out for tonight. Mama needs to look good." I laughed once again, and helped her pick out a blue blouse, with jeans and converse. While Sarah was in the shower I picked myself out my 1960's vintage tank-top, with red  flats. After Sarah got out I got in and then blow dried my hair. Sarah was waiting for me with her flat iron in hand and said "Do my hair?" I, of course, said yes. Siting there flat ironing her hair made me think of all the times we did this before a High School dance. By the look on Sarahs face I could tell she was thinking the same thing. My phone went off and I say it was for Greg. "Oh Sarah we better hurry up Greg said he just got there and the place is already kinda packed." Sarah nodded as I finished her hair off  and we grabbed are bags and headed down stairs. "WOOH TWO GIRLS OUT ON THE TOWN. HITTIN THE STREETS!" I laughed really hard as Sarah screamed this through the lobby. We got into a cab and told the driver to go to West-end Pub. By the time we got there it was already nine which really wasn't that late, but the cab ride took two hours because our hotel is on the east side.I texted Greg to tell him we were here when he came out of the pub on his cell phone. "Dude you said you would be here.... Fine,but Niall might be pissed." After he hung up he say me and came over."Hey you made it, cool. And your friend is..." "Sarah" she replied."Well its very nice to meet you, why don't you come in and meet everyone." I said okay and we headed into the misty pub, full of cigarette smoke. As we were weaving through the tables I asked Greg,"Is everything okay? You sounded a little upset on the phone." He turned to me still weaving through table and said"Oh you heard that? It was Josh their drummer he said he would be here, but his cousin or sister or friend went into birth." Greg stopped turned right and went to a back table with six guys and one girl. "Hey everyone this is Alice and her friend Sarah, their the ones I met on the plane." They all nodded and then the tall, tan one with a peace tattoo on his arm said "Hi, I'm Zayn." He had a beautiful accent,they all would. "And i'm Louis, and this is my girlfriend Eleanor." I shook both of there hands as Eleanor gave a shy hi. She was very pretty and had long brown hair."I'm Liam." He was very tall and had the most handsome smile. Next was Sean Cullen , who had beautiful brown eyes and also an Irish accent, like Greg. Then there was Harry, but he was already in conversation with Sarah. He had curly hair and the cheekiest smile I had ever seen.  "And last but not least my bro, Niall" said Greg. "I did tell this one chick over there I was going to buy her a drink so i'll be back." Me and Niall both nodded and watched him leave. I was now looking at Sarah how was drinking a beer and whispering something into Harry's ear."He works fast doesn't he" I heard Niall say in his strong Irish accent form behind me. I turned around and gazed into is blue eyes and replied "Ya we where not even her five minutes, and he's all over her." Niall laughed and said "He's all over her? I would think again, it clear that shes all over him." I really could not argue with him on this one. It was true, right when I looked over Sarah had her hand on his thigh and was rubbing it back and forth. GOD, I had no idea my girl got game. Niall turned toward the bar and ordered something. About ten minutes later, while I was in conversation with Eleanor and Louis, Niall came back with a beer for me."Oh um thanks." He replied with your welcome. "You just look like a beer girl to me." " You guessed correctly" I said. Niall wanted to go and sit down, so we could talk. We found seats and started talking and laugh, until I finished my beer. I look up at the bar to see if Sarah and Harry were still there, but they were gone. I had a panicked feeling, which Niall could clearly see, because he then said " She will be fine. Harry's cool, he responsible." I still had this panicked feeling though, and I think Niall could still see it because he came back ten minutes later with ten shots and four more beers. "Alice, just chill and relax, there be fine." After about fifteen minutes later Niall convinced me to drink a shot. "I'll only have one." Well this was a false statement. It turned out I had about ten and five more beers. I never have felt this loose in my life. The next thing I know I am in someones apartment kissing Niall lips, while hes taking off clothes.

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