Staying in the Moment

Alice and her best friend Sarah decide that the perfect place to go to college would be Oxford University, in the beautiful city of London, England. But, they get an unexpected surprise when they meet Greg Horan, Niall Horan's brother from One Dircetion. As Alice and Sarah get thrown into the lives of the five famous boys, Alice's ex-boyfriend, Grant, comes back into her life. Bringing back new and old feelings. Alice has to pick how she loves and learns that life is not what she expected. On the other hand, Sarah's keeping secrets that will get her into nothing but trouble.


10. Confused

Niall's Point of View:

She hasn't called me or contacted me in weeks. I know that I love her. God it sounds crazy, I have only know her for two mouths. I'm different with her, all the guys tease me about it. I must have done something wrong though. She wouldn't even let me come over to help set up at her new place. I had to ask Liam if she was okay. He's talked to her, but I can tell he's hiding something from me. I want to give her time, but how much time does one girl need. I think about her all the time. This isn't normal for me, I need to let her go. She's just a girl, I tell myself, but she;s more than that. She is my happiness, my laughter, my world. My world was dark and lonely before I met her.Yet, if she doesn't want to see me fine, life will go on. But, forgetting Alice is much harder than I anticipated. 

Alice's Point of View:

I miss him. He keeps calling and I know I should answer or text him or doing something, but I can't. Grant has been hanging around Sarah and I. He will just show up, unannounced. Like what the fuck dude. He still hasn't told me why he's here, I mean I can guess, but I doubt he just came back for me. There's something bigger going on, I just feel it. He was doing just fine getting girls back home, so why come back to me? He always snuggles up to me on the couch while we are watching a movie or try to hold hands with me, but I don't want him anymore. At least I say I don't want him anymore. Liam knows somethings up, he's around a lot lately. I don;t think hes told Niall. He takes care of Sarah, who now has a small baby bump and dropped out of college. She hasn't told her parents yet, and is using her money from Oxford to attend a community college half time. She wants to keep the baby. I can understand why, Sarah was adopted and went through some pretty bad famliy's before meeting the Blue's. She would never make a kid go through what she had to. I start classes in a week, and have already made friends with people at orientation, but it feels different without Sarah being there. I also don't want to leave Sarah alone, Liam says he will stay with her, but he leaves in a couple of weeks for promotion stuff. That's when Grant came in and was all, 'She'll be safe with me. I'll stay with her.' I was startled when Sarah said yes. Sarah has always hated him, she still does. When ever Grant tries to get to personal with me, she gives a quit snort and a death glare in our direction. But she never tells him to leave, never tells him to fuck off or that I could do much better than him when hes standing right in front of me. It's like she wants him to stay in a way, it's....... weird. I wish she would just scream in his face to leave. It would make it easier for me. She knows im having feelings about him being in my life again. He was my first love and always will be. He makes me laugh and feel safe and is like home to me. I love him. But, than there Niall. He is me. We are in sink with each other. We are two half's that make up a whole. I love him. But, how can you love two people at the same time?

Niall's Point of View: 

"Niall! NIALLER! SNAP OUT OF IT! Your thinking about her again aren't you?" Louis half yells, as Niall and the rest of the boys are sparred out in a recording booth.

"Maybe... What's it to ya if I am?" I snap back, teasingly.

"Dude you need to get over her! Let's go out tonight, get you properly pissed. You haven't gottin wasted since the first night you and Alice hooked up!"  

I cringed at her name. I know I need to get over her, I had too.

"Where we going than?" I asked.

"Um Liam wants to go to Funky Buddha, so I guess there? Liam will Alice be there?"

Liam looks up from his phone, probably texting Sarah. That's all he does. He is always over there 'taking care of her because she needs him' and shit. I can tell it annoys the fuck out of Harry. 

"Um no, shes like out on the other side of town with people she meet at orientation, so we are good!"  

Louis smile grew wider with every word Liam spoke. "See Nialler no need to worry! It's an Alice free night! Why doesn't Harry pick us all up in a hour? Give us time to look pretty?"

We all nodded, me getting up to grab my things to leave, that's then I couldn't help notice a text on Liam's phone from Alice. 

LIAM! Okay,hope your not a funky buddha tonight... I'm here.. you know with him.. he like follows me every where its creepy as hell! Anyway i'll call you later XX

Who is this guy shes talking about? Has she really moved on from me that fast? She couldn't have.. she said he was fucking creepy? She can't be into someone thats creepy.... or maybe girls like creepy? I don't know. 

"Niall what are you doing with my phone?" Liam asked about ten feet away from me.

"Um nothing just thought your um... background was interesting?... Yes I thought your background was different . Did ya change it?" I mumbled, as a carefully deleted the text from A-A-Alice. Liam glided over to me not taking my horrible lie, but I was already on another app. 

"See ya later than mate." I patted Liam's back grabbingmy thinks and leaving Liam and Zayn alone in the recording ooth. 

Oh tonight was going to be fun. I was getting her back weather she liked it or not. 


Ya sorry its kinda short, but I felt like this was a good place to end because shits about to get real  in at the club so prepare yourselves.... Also there's only going to be about 2 to 3 more chapter left of this one. I already have the ending planned and like I never have time to write. I feel really bad for not updating in forever and I really didn't give you anything in this chapter.. but like I said its going to get crazy in the next chapter! Like mind blowing (H if your reading this I said that for ya)! Also I don't know if ya know this but I'm writing a different non-One Direction story called Never Think, so it would be cool of you checked it out.. but im shit at writing so maybe don't... whatever im rambling and love everyone who has read my short story and maybe i'll make a squeal in the summer for the people that actually do like my writing... Love you all xxxx 

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