This has to be fate!

Two girls are very good at basketball. One day they got to play for one direction. People started to fall for people. Who will fall for who read this to find out.


6. What will he say

Niall’s pov…

It was the next day and I woke up before any body else. I went downstairs and decided to eat breakfast. I was sitting there eating when Kara came downstairs. “Good morning” she said “Good morning how did you sleep” “Fine you?” “Okay”. She looked so beautiful even without trying to. I am the only single one Lou has El, Liam Has Dani, Zayn has Brenn and Harry has Kara. I feel left out they are all lovey dovey and I cant be with that special someone. I wish Kara fell in love with me instead of Harry. “I have to tell you something very important”, by this time I was in the kitchen standing in front of her very close. “Ok what is it” she said “I know you with Harry but there is something that is telling me that we belong together and I love you”. “Look Niall I love you to but not like tha- I cut her off by kissing her I had her push up against the wall with my hands on the wall beside her. She was trying to get me off of her but I kept kissing her. That is when I heard a voice that sounded like Harry’s say “What are you doing?”

          Harry’s pov…

I walked in the kitchen to see something I probably didn’t want to see. I seen Niall and Kara kissing but really it was just Niall kissing Kara. She was trying to get away but he was to strong that  is when I said “What are you doing”. He stopped and looked at me with guilt in his eyes. Kara took off running with tears in her eyes. “Look what you did!” “I am so sorry” “No you are not if you were you wouldn’t have kiss her!”. I was furious with him after I said that I ran after Kara.

          Kara’s pov…

I cant believe he kissed me and to make it worse harry walked in on it I hope he don’t think I was kissing him. I was so upset I love Harry and then Niall came in and kissed me. I ran and ran I went out the door with out anything I got out to the road and started to walk I felt like somebody was following me so I started to run. I finally turned around to find Liam behind me. “What are you doing” I said “I seen you crying and tried to catch up to you but you stared to run”. I was glad it was Liam I didn’t want it to be Niall or Harry I was afraid of what they would say. “I am glad it is you” “Now can you tell me what is wrong” he said “Niall kissed me and I tried to get away but I couldn’t and then Harry came in”.

          Liam’s pov…

I seen Kara walking up the street crying, I finally caught up to her and she told me what was wrong. I couldn’t believe Niall would do something like that it isn’t like him. “I cant believe Niall done that” “I am afraid of what Harry will say” she said. I understand what she was saying but I don’t think harry will be upset. “You need to talk to him” “Yea your right”.

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