This has to be fate!

Two girls are very good at basketball. One day they got to play for one direction. People started to fall for people. Who will fall for who read this to find out.


1. The meeting

Brenna and I were getting ready to go to our first basketball game when our coach texted us to tell us the game was canceled. The weird thing we she still wanted to see me and Brenna(Bren) to come to the gym. When we got there we seen five guys we thought we recognized them but we weren't sure. They all turned to look at us and thats when we saw our coach. So we walked over to them and they all said hey! That's when the tall brown curly haired one said "I would introduce us but you probably know who we are". "Actually we don't who are you" said bren. "Oh this is Harry(the curly haired one),this is Zayn(the one with his hair spiked up),this is Niall(the blonde headed one),this is Liam(the with a great smile) and I'm Louis" said Louis.
Brenna's pov
When they said there names I knew who they where. I told kara I needed to talk to her in private right now. She said ok and followed me. "Do you know who they are?" I said. "No do you" Kara said. "Yes they are One Direction" I said. "Omg" she said. "But before we go over there you got to calm down!" I said. Kara is a huge One Direction fan. She finally calmed down and we walked over there. "Why are y'all here?" asked Kara. "Your coach told us that she picked out her two best players on her basketball team and we would get to see them play" said Harry. "Ok then let's show them what we have bren" said Kara.
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