This has to be fate!

Two girls are very good at basketball. One day they got to play for one direction. People started to fall for people. Who will fall for who read this to find out.


8. Lets play

Brenn’s pov…

                   I really do hanging out with all the boys but they are going to have to leave soon to go back to England I really don’t want them to leave. “Whats wrong love?” Zayn said “Its nothing” “Seriously what is wrong!” “OK I just don’t want y’all to leave” “We aren’t leaving for a week  so lets just live this next week to the fullest” Zayn said. He was right lets have fun while there here. “Your right” I said “I love you” he said. I was shocked it was the first time he has said that to me. I guess it took me a while to answer because he said “It is ok if you not ready to say I love you yet I understand” “no no I love you to I was just shocked that you said it first a lot of guys want the girl to say it first” “I guess I’m not like most guys” he said. I have never felt like this with a guy before he makes me feel special. I have dated a lot of guys one being Kara’s brother he is a year older then me it ruined mine and Kara’s friendship for awhile. Your probably wondering why it ruined our friendship and the reason why is because they were never close. It started when she wasn’t popular and him and his group made fun of her everyday and then he graduated and she became the captain of the girls basketball team.

          Zayn’s pov…
                   When Brenn didn’t answer me when I was sad I really do love her and I am going to miss her when we go back to England. I hope she says to this but I am going to ask her to move with me to England but I have to do it over a special date. “Brenn do you want to go out to dinner tomorrow?” “Yea sure where are we going” she said “That’s a surprise”. I really do hope she says yes.

          Louis’s pov…

                    I can’t wait to get back to England to see my El I really do miss her I hope she misses me as much as I miss her. The only bad thing is we have to leave Brenn and Kara I don’t know how Harry and Zayn are going to take this. I will miss them to they are like sisters to me. They are sweet and very good at basketball. I wish I was good at basketball. I am really bored right now so I might ask the boys and girls if they want to play some basketball. “Guys come down here right now I have something to ask you” “What do you want Lou” said Liam “How about we all go and play some basketball?” “But Lou we aren’t good at basketball we are only good at Football”Harry said. “Yea but Kara and Brenn are good and then after we play basketball we can play football” “OK lets go too the gym” said Kara.

          Niall’s pov…

                   I was so glad we would get to play basketball and football with the girls. Kara is amazing at basketball no wonder she is the captain of the girls basketball team Brenn is really good to but something about how Kara plays is wow. Kara actually told us that she didn’t make the school team in middle school. We finally got to the gym but before we could play Kara and Brenn  had to change. When the came out of the bathroom they were in Basketball shorts and a t-shirt and basketball shoes. For some reason Kara had on two ankle braces “Why do you have to wear those ankle braces for?” I said “Oh I role my ankles very easily and it helps not to” was her answer. They threw their hair up and was ready to play.

          Kara’s pov…

                    “Ok so we decided me and Brenn would be captains righ?” I said “Yes so you choose who will be on your team” Niall said. I won the coin toss so I choose first.





“I will let Brenn have Louis since I got to pick first” I said

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