This has to be fate!

Two girls are very good at basketball. One day they got to play for one direction. People started to fall for people. Who will fall for who read this to find out.


7. I'm glad

Kara’s pov…

I walked back into the house to see Louis, Niall and Zayn on the couch Brenn wasn’t there she was at work. Niall looked at me and I looked away I didn’t want to look in his eyes. “Where is Harry?” I asked “He is in y’alls room” Louis said. I walked up the stairs and went to Harry and my door and it was shut. I put my hear to the door and heard Harry crying I couldn’t believe it I have never heard him cry before. I opened the door and Harry looked up at me. “Sorry” I said “Why are you sorry you didn’t kiss him did you?” “No I didn’t kiss him he kissed me” “Then why are you crying?” “Because I feel sorry for just leaving like that”. Harry looked down and I walked back over to him. “Why are you crying?” I said “When you left and didn’t come back for awhile I was afraid you got hurt and I cant have the love of my life get hurt” “I love you and I am so sorry for scaring you like that please forgive me”. As soon as I got finished he kissed me. I love him sooo much.

          Harry’s pov….

I am so mad at Niall right now how could he kiss my girlfriend best mates don’t do that. I wanted to hit him so bad but I couldn’t do that to him. I am just glad Kara didn’t kiss him because I cant loose her I love her. Me and Kara walked down the stairs to see the other boys. When we got to the bottom of the stairs Niall looked at us then looked away. I was still mad at him but for the other boys sake I was going to act like I wasn’t. I walked over by Niall and set beside him and Kara set beside me.

          Louis’s pov…

Harry walked down the stairs and set beside Niall. That was a different Harry that I saw because most the time he would have went up to Niall and punched him. Kara must have told him to act normal around all of us. I am glad she did because I didn’t want to have to deal with a mad Harry.

          Niall’s pov…

I am very shocked that Harry set beside me. I feel so bad for kissing her its just she is so pretty. “Harry can I talked to you” I said “Sure”. With that we walked into the kitchen. “Look I am so sorry I don’t know what came over me please forgive me” I said “I forgive you but if it happens again I want ever forgive you alright”. I cant believe he forgave me but is going to be hard not to kiss her. “Alright I promise I want ever again.


A/N sorry for the short chapter I will put more of the other boys and Brenn in there later I promise.

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