This has to be fate!

Two girls are very good at basketball. One day they got to play for one direction. People started to fall for people. Who will fall for who read this to find out.


5. I Love Him!!!!!!!

Kara”s pov


I am so happy that Harry and I kissed I think I am in love. I have only had one other boyfriend then Harry and it turned out really bad. Just think of it made me start to tear up. I think Harry noticed because he put his arm around me an smiled. We all decided to watch a movie and of course Liam said Toy Story so I put in the movie and set back down beside Harry and he rapped his arm around me. I ended up falling asleep with a smile on my face. I felt Harry pick me up and place me on the bed that’s when I opened my eyes and looked at Harry. “Oh sorry did I wake you?” he said “NO” I lied “You’re a terrible liar you know that right?” “Yea I know” I said.


Harry’s Pov….

            I have to tell her but what will she say. I hope she is ok with it. “I have to tell you something Kara.” “Ok what is it?” “I don’t know what you are going to say but I have never felt like this with a girl And I think I love you.” What is she going to say is she going to tell me she loves me to is she going to say ok? “I love you to” she said. Thank god she didn’t say ok I’m glad she said it back.


Brenn’s Pov…

            Kara fell asleep and I didn’t want go home so I am glad that Zayn asked me to spend the night I told him I would sleep on the couch but he told me I could sleep in his bed and he would take the couch. I knew what he was planning but I didn’t care. I gave him a kiss and went to his room. As soon as I fell asleep I fell the bed move beside me I opened my eyes and seen Zayn laying there looking at me. I laughed and he said “Sorry did I wake you” “Yea but its ok” “Oh sorry I said I was going to take the couch I will go back down there” NO its ok you can stay”. With that I fell back asleep.


Niall’s Pov…

            Ever since I saw Kara I couldn’t get her out of my mind but I cant like her she is with Harry. But why can’t I get her out of my mind. I will see what happens though I will have to tell her I like her though. I will tell her tomorrow that I have feelings for her

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