I'm no princess

Kate was born a princess and raised an ordinary girl. When her mother dies she learns of the father she has never known and what being his daughter entitles.


2. What was I?

A princess, he called me a princess. The idea was just so laughable, I didn't look or even act anything like a princess. Besides my mother would have told me, wouldn't she? How could she not? Yet it was just so hard to deny, I mean the plane I'm sitting in definitely carries someone special. There are beautiful dark red curtains that blanket the light, the floors are beautiful. The seats have some kind of crest on them, they feel so soft I could sleep sitting up; but of course I don't have to because there is a plush, soft red sofa against the wall. Some kind of sweet station stood by the door that led to the cock pit and there are like two bedrooms as well. Nice. My father comes and sits with me on the sofa, he is looking at me fondly.

"Why did you leave us?" I asked abruptly, his look of fondness turned wary and confused. Finally he looked upset and tired. He didn't begin talking until I narrowed my eyes, looking for some kind of answer. A reason that will make everything ok again. 

"I wasn't going to, but I realised my country needed me more. I loved your mother Kate, I still do but I have a duty and obligation to my country, I love my country too." My father explains, I'm appalled. He cared more about his country than he did about me, than my mother. He left us like we didn't matter at all! All because he loved his country!

"Is that what I am now that I have to live with you? An obligation and duty!! How can you even say you care, you left us alone. If you cared at all you would have been there when I needed you, when I cried at home for hours because I had no-one! If you loved your country so damn much then what was mum,What was I?!" I screamed and tears raced down my cheeks. I had been alone for so long I couldn't take it any more, I let the tears come like a waterfall that fell from my eyes. As my father started to try and comfort me I jerked away, getting up I ran into one of the bedrooms and lock the door behind me. I slid down the door until I was crouching, I buried my head in my hands and continued to cry because here, there was no one to see my weakness. 

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