I'm no princess

Kate was born a princess and raised an ordinary girl. When her mother dies she learns of the father she has never known and what being his daughter entitles.


4. Beautiful princess

I watched her as she left, an angel with no wings. She was beautiful without a doubt and not too shy either. I could swear I was drooling as I watched her walk away from me. She had dark black hair that cascaded down her back, her skin was pale but she still looked beautiful and her body was small and thin something told me she was feisty, like if I tried to intimidate her she wouldn't take it, she would probably slap me. I followed closely behind her, watching as her long Shapley legs moved like a speeding car, her hips swaying gently. As soon as she entered the palace I became curiouser and followed her in, I was a regulars guest here and no one would pay me any attention. Kate entered the throne room slowly, like she was afraid or maybe anxious about what she might see in there, or whom she might see. As Kate stepped across the marble floor I hid behind the door, slightly peeking my head through and watching as she walked up to the king, queen and princesses.
"Kate my dear, I would like you to meet your step mother queen marline and your sisters Isabel and Jennifer." The king announced and I stood frozen, step mother? Sisters? Kate was the newly found eldest princess, the one who was said to take over the country from her father in just a matter of weeks! Katherine Alexandra Jonas. Safe to say I didn't see that one coming, she was a princess, a modern princess. Yet she was without a doubt the most beautiful princess I had seen in a long time, her beauty out measured her sisters' even if not by much.
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