I'm no princess

Kate was born a princess and raised an ordinary girl. When her mother dies she learns of the father she has never known and what being his daughter entitles.


3. A pleasure to meet you


The Danish royal palace was amazing, if you ever watched one of those Disney princess movies, it was better than that. Hundreds of beautiful and exotic flowers were planted all around the grounds. The blond guy, whom was actually called Taylor, was unloading my things from the limo. I had to say I was impressed, the grounds were well kept and beautiful, the palace itself was magnificent.  I was heading towards the doorway when something knocked me off my feet and jolted me backwards. I hit the ground with my back and head, ow much! I was laying sprawled on the ground, my head throbbed like mad. Looking up I saw a young looking man ( late teens early twentys) staring down at me in worry. I slowly got to me feet, the young man helped me up by pulling me up by my forearm. 

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, are you ok?" The young man asked, wow sexy accent much. I think he could seduce me just with his voice. I looked over his muscular form and defiantly wasn't sorry about it. He was about 6'5 and tanned, his head was covered in thick beautiful brown hair, his eyes were the deepest green like mine and he was just plain gorgeous. I think I had already forgiven him for knocking me on my arse. I knew I should probably say something and I wanted to, but I couldn't think what.

"Um, yes thank you, I'm fine!" I chocked out and he gave a gruff chuckle, oh god even his laugh was sexy. I watched as his eyes roamed over my body and his eyes lit up with amazement, I'm not too sure why my heart sped when he looked back into my eyes. I'm actually hoping I'm just imagining the fact that it's beating so fast and loud you can probably hear it.

"Well, that's good, we wouldn't want you to get a scratch on that beautiful little body of yours." He whispered as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. My breathing became panting and I felt my heart pick up pace even more. Oh man, what the hell was happening, I wasn't sure weather I liked it or not. "I'm Denver, and what can I call such a beautiful young lady?" Tristan asked, his lips brushing my ear, moving closer and moving his hand to my waist.  

"Kate, you can call me Kate. I, um, I have to go." I said in a rush, this was scaring me, I didn't like feeling like this. I turned away before he could stop me and rushed into the palace. If there was one thing I could say about this it was that it was defiantly a pleasure to meet him. I smiled to myself and I rounded the corner into the palace. 

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