The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

A fan fiction based on BBC's Sherlock. Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyles classic novels
(The characters in this Movella are based on the tv show, not the novel)
Set in modern day London


2. The Conundrum

The man stumbles in, collapsing to his knees at Johns feet. "Please" he pants, "Please, are you Sherlock Holmes and John Watson?" he utters as he breathes heavily. The papers that were laying on the floor are scattered by the barely conscious man. "Uh, yes. Yes we are" John replies as he rushes to the kitchen to fetch bandages and medical supplies. All the while, Sherlock sits in his chair, not even facing the man, saying nothing. 

"He told me you could help me. Holmes and Watson is what he said. Before he took them" the man says through tears mixed with his blood. John returns with the supplies, kicking over stacks of books and files to get to him, before kneeling down next to him. "Who? Who told you to find us? Who did he take?" John replies as he mops the mans cut and bleeding forehead with a sponge, before wrapping a bandage around it. "He took my family! My daughter, my son, my wife!" his tears starting to fall faster. "Who!? Who took them? What did he look like?" John says, looking at Sherlock for help, who just sits and listens. Observing. 

"I couldn't see him. He was our cab driver! Some sort of gas filled the car and we all passed out! I woke up blindfolded and bleeding. That's when he told me" the man now is fully sobbing at recounting his story. "What did he tell you.." Says John, curious. "Find them. Watson and Holmes. Only they can save your family".

Watson, finishing the medical work and putting the equipment in a bucket, turns to Holmes, who stands up, and moves over to the man who sits in the middle of room and squats down in front of him and looks him in the eye. "Did he give you a name" Holmes says emotionless. "Not a name," The man says. "A title". "What was it?" Holmes inquires, eyes cold, unyielding, inspecting. The man lifts his head and says the name with fear and a cracking voice, finally uttering the two words which form the "name" of his family's captor. "The Conundrum". 

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