Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


24. Words Will Be Just Words

The plan was for us girls to let the boys sleep in, then take them to the beach around 1ish. The workers were coming to clean at around 1:30pm. It was 8:30am and I ha just woken up. Zayn was sleeping like a baby. His arms were wrapped around me, and I couldn't loosen his grip. I kept trying to gently get out of his grip, but everytime I tried, his grip wa tighter. I saw him smirk. Of course. I decided to play with him. I came down to his face and whispered softly "morning babe. Want a kiss?" He layed me down in his arms. Then his eyes fluttered open. He saw me in his arms and smirked once again. He turned me around to face him on the bed. He played with my hair and said "if its okay, with u, I would like a kiss." I was leaning in to kiss him, when I remembered I had to trick him. I brushed my lips by his and hopped up out of the bed and said "ha! U thought u were getting my lips!" He then sat up and said "we'll I don't have to get them, if they belong to me." I smirked and he ended up chasing me around this huge bedroom. I was huffing and puffing after like 5 minutes. I tried to get away, but I just couldn't. The laughter was killing me. I plopped into my bed, laying on my back. And Zayn came up to me, and forced his lips on my. He tried letting his tongue into my mouth, and I concurred with this. We kissed-- well made out for what seemed like a while, but we both pulled away at 8:47am. We both collapsed on my bed and I turned on the Telly. Most likely everyone else was asleep, so the volume was on low. We were watching law and order. I always watche this with Marcus. Zayn seemed to enjoy watching it. The episode we were watching was about girls that got raped, then killed. By the end, Zayn pulled me in his arms, and turned it off. He turned it off right before we found out who killed the girls. I opened my mouth to ask why, but he inturruppted and said "that wa terrible. I hate it when people get abused and used like that. I'm never letting either of us watch this again." He looked sad. Probably because I can relate to these shows. He held me in his arms and a felt a little tear fall onto my hair. I looked up to him and layed him back down, and we layed there in a casual silence just thinking. My head was on his chest, and he stroked my hair softly. Eventually, I got up and said "Zayn. It's like 10. Want breakfast?" He then said "why? Are we busy?" I replied "yes, our surprise isn't over babe." "Okay, but where to?" I just winked and got off the bed. I got downstairs with Zayn and we started making breakfast. As we finished, everyone was shuffling their way into the kitchen. El came in with Lou behind her being all grouchy. El said "okay guys! After breakfast, were leaving to go to laser tag or the beach. Make sure you're ready!" Then Niall said "Can we go to laser tag, then high ropes, rockclimbing, then the beach and boardwalk?" I then "I'm sure we can make that arrangement nialler!" We were all eating when Harry then announced "Okay, so since Lou has ditched me for el, my new guy is Niall!! He is the best 'boyfriend' I have ever had! He doesn't leave me for other girls either!" Then Lou spoke up "Oh so now this is my fault Harry?!? I'll have you know that el is just right for me!" Then he stomped out of the kitchen. He walked back in after everyone stopped laughing. I looked over at tiara. Se was of course, feeding Liam. It was soo cute. I showe Zayn what wa going on, an I told him not to do anything. I took my mobile out and snuck a photo of them. It was absolutely adorable! I posted it on twitter, and I instantly got favorites, retweets, comments, and stuff. I also got a billion more followers. We al finished breakfast and headed out of the kitchen to get ready. Tiara announced "I will be bringing the food, and money. Make sure you have a bathing suit, changing clothes, your mobiles, and a buddy for the day! We will e leaving in about a hour!" We all ran to our rooms and got showered. I got out of the shower and I put on a light blue right shirt that said 'call me maybe'on it. I wore some denim shorts, and my black converse. I wore my hot pink bathing suit underneath. No offense or anything, but my boobs looked quite big on this shirt. Oh well, Zayn will like it I guess. I put my hair in a side fishtail braid. I wore little makeup, but enough to look presentable. I also got my necklace from my sweet sixteen. It was my initials in diamonds, from my family. I walked out after I brushed me teeth, an I saw Zayn getting ready. He had not shirt on. He was sitting on the bed on his phone, with his shirt next to him. I say on his lap, while he checked his twitter. I took his shirt and said "babe, you look better without a shirt." He smirked and said "okay! Whatever you say girlfriend! And may I say, that shirt look good on your upper body." I giggled an blushed at this. He pulled me in and kissed me on the lips and I pulled away to say, "You can wear a shirt. I don't want other girls to check out my little zaynie." He smiled as winked. He snatched the Shirt from me and put it on. He started to do his hair. He took about 10 minutes. "Wow! New record on your hair!!" He just laughed and grabbed his mobile. He stood by the door and said "we'll babe, we take really long so they're probably waiting on us." I smiled and grabbed my things for the day and walked up to the doorway with him. He smiled and said "before we go..." He kissed me on the lips very passionatly and I smiled in between the kiss. I pulled away, but he grabbed me back. We were kissing for a solid 10 minutes, when I pulled away again. He took my hand in his and said "I could kiss you all day, but you won't let me." I just replied "words will be just words, till' you bring them to life babe." He smirked and we went downstairs and met with the others. Lou was being sassy about how long we take to get ready of course. We all left. We were In the orange van. Zayn whispered to me "I'll bring those words to life, if I get the chance."
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