Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


17. We need to go home.

Zayn and I walked off stage, happily hand in hand. I turned towards the manager to thank him. I said, "Excuse me. Thanks so much for letting perform here. I really enjoyed it." he shook my hand and said, "It was my honor. Next time I want to see you performing on live television missy!!" zayn butted into the conversation(in a nice way of course) and said "Sorry for going on she with her. It just seemed right to sing with such a beautiful girl with such a angelic voice." I blushed as he said this. I squeezed his hand and he just smiled. We chatted with the manager for a bit more. The rest of the group met us backstage. Tiara ran up to me and hugged me. "Next time you'll be there too!!" I said letting out a little laugh. "I cannot wait. Like literally. I can't." we all laughed and she went back to Liam to hold his hand. Lou had niall on his back and he said, "I would be hugging you and askin you to join the band, if this fatty Niall dude would get off!!" Harry ran up and jumped on top of them both. I looked at zayn and we all started laughing. Zayn tried to join in, but then Liam came over to stop him and tiara, who tried before him. "ugh daddy direction is coming out." tiara said, trying to hold in her laugh. Liam said, "Guys give Lou a break." no one moved. Liam got a bit louder, but in a funny way. "GUYS GET OFF!!" they were all tackling each other and then Harry jumped up and dragged Liam and zayn into it. Zayn tried to get me into it, but I pointed to my skirt, laughing. Tiara jumped right in. Next thing you know Niall says, "Guys.. This t-tickles... Hur-tts. Tick-tickles!!!" . They were all tickling Niall. "I guess someone's ticklish!!!" I said helping them all up one by one. I noticed people looking at us awkwardly, so I just said "Guys we should get going soon!" "NOT UNTIL I GET FOOD FROM MY FAVORITE PLACE." Niall said, with Harry and Lou standing next to him nodding their heads. Tiara said"Okay we'll get food and then leave for the guys place. Kay nialler?" he nodded his head quickly and started running towards the closest booth. We all ate and had a grand time, when suddenly I saw him. Not my uncle. But the second most scariest guy on this planet. Bryan. "shit." I muttered. Tots was to my it and said "what's wrong?" I gave her the eyes meaning something was wrong. Bryan was staring t me and waving with a smirk. A tear rolled down my face and I pointed to him. I started bawling my eyes out and everybody was asking me what happened. Tiara saw him. She got mad. Bryan was my ex. I don't know why I ever went out with him. Biggest mistake of my life. I got out of the booth and ran outside. I don't know where I ran, but I knew the group was hot on my tail. I stopped once I was far enough from him. I turned to zayn and he was huffing. He asked me what happened. Tiara came up and hugged me right away. I let go and saw a year roll down her face. I felt so bad. How could we explain this to the guys? All I know is we need to get out of here. Now.
As soon as I saw Bryan smiling at us I knew what was next. He wouldn't leave. He met marissa one night at the roller rink we used to go to. He asked her out and she said yes because he was nice. He would never talk to her, unless he wanted something. He used her. A lot. Then one night they were going I have a movie night at her house aka our house. I hated him, so I watche tv with my brothers in the other room. I got tired and went I bed. I was woken up at like 3 in the morning to hear screaming. I went to marissas room, to see Bryan with a knife pointed towards her throat. I screamed at him and took the knife from him. He was strong and threw me and the knife at the wall. We called the cops, but he escaped too soon. They never found him since and now he's here in London.~back to reality~
"Marissa you know you can trust us, just tell us please baby." zayn pleaded with concern showing up on his face. Marissa looked at me an I concurred for her to tell. She just simply said, "At the house. Please. Get me out of here." her voice was croaky. Zayn picked her up and we all walked to the car. Liam picked me up and we got in the car. Ge ride was silent. No one talked at all. No movement. Nothing. We got inside quickly to the boys house. "Wow, I love you're house. It's stunning." I whispered loud enough for them all the hear. They all nodded and sat down at the couch. They all stripped into their boxers and waited for us. "Liam.?" I whispered. "Yes I know you're stuff is in the car, we will get it in the morning. U can use my stuff." I smiled and got into a pair of grey sweats and a white shirt. It was big, but comfy. We both sat down. Liam told the boys to at least put shorts on because the 'guests here were taken'. They got shorts on, and then marissa came downstairs with zayn, using I think his pjs. Time to tell another one of our dreadful stories. Great.
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