Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


20. Waking up, to this stench!!

I woke up in zayns arms. He looked so cute as he slept. I had to wake him up cuz it was 11:30am and they had to be at the recording studios in a bit. I passionately kissed his lips and he woke smiling. He pulled me closer, without a word and kissed me more. Then in a quiet tone he said "I could wake up to that everyday." I smiled and said "I'll do my best." we just layed and looked into each others eyes for what seemed like forever, but it was really only a few minutes. I then interrupted "I smell burnt food. Tiara's cooking. Without someone with her. Shit." zayn and I both got up and he looked in the mirror quickly(of course) and we raced downstairs, to see tiara. Trying to make breakfast. Tiara just said "Help? I was trying to make everyone some foo-" zayn cut her off and said "it's okay love, just go ahead and wake the boys up, and we will clean." tiara listened to him and I just laughed at her. She smiled, and went into the boys room screaming to get up. I did all the dishes, while Zayn picked new things out to make new food with. It was weird cuz after he got the food out, he just sat down staring at me. I just said "Are you going to start breakfast babe?" he just looked down and said "the boys don't let me cook cuz I can't." I giggled and what he just said. I finished the dishes and walked over to him and looked him in the eyes and said "Want me to show you how to cook babe?" he said yes while making his best pouty kind of face. I grabbed his hands and I started showing him so basic things. I then said "You're not as bad as you thougt. About 5 minutes later everyone came in and sat down. Niall said "I CALL DIBS ON THE FOOD!" Harry laughed and said "No Niall!! We all get some!!" Niall pouted and folded his arms. Liam was busy flirting with tiara. Lou was just on his phone. He then blurted out "EVERYONE GETS FOOD GUYS, BUT I GET THE CARROTS. OH AND GIRLS YOU'RE MEETING MY GIRLFRIEND TODAY SO LOOK GOOD." "damn mister sassy pants. How does your girlfriend put up with you?" tiara said trying to be funny. Everyone laughed. Lou stuck his tongue and her and she went back to Liam. Zayn was finishing up, an I have to say, he was doing really well like no joke. He put the plates down quickly and everyone dug into the food. We were all eating and when we finished I said "Okay, Niall. You're getting the first shower. Lookat you?!?!" everyone laughed, and Niall just ran upstairs. Tiara and Liam went to their room. Lou and Harry went to Lou's room. I took a picture, to send to Eleanor once we became friends. I knew we would be good friends. She was just like me. But way more talented and prettier. Zayn scooped me up, while I was just answering texts from family and friends. I found out my friend Alex was coming too. Great! Once I got up to our room, I checked twitter. Some people were bitches. Zayn read it over my shoulder. One said: Eww what does zayn see in you?!? I've never seen anything uglier in my life!! Go die in a fucking hole bitch!! No one likes you! He's probably playing an ugly pig like you.
Okay, I'll admit, that was a bit harsh. I think zayn thought I was gonna cry, but I didn't. He said "Liam told me the same message was sent to tiara. Are you okay babe?" I simply answered, smiling, "Of course I am. They're just jealous that I have the best guys ever. And besides, there's more nice comments I should be reading." zayn pecked my lips and smiled, "Babe I love you, you're so strong." I smiled and got up. "I want a shower babe. I will use the guest one." he then insisted I used his, and he used the guest one. I then said "We will shower together one day." he smirked and then he walked out with clothes and stuff. I got in the shower, and turned the medium water on. I washed my body and hair thoroughly, and then shaved my legs. I got out and put on my favorite pair of shorts(they were short) and a top that goes over the shoulder. It was from forever 21. It was white, and in red letters it said 'I love British boys'. I put on my white toms and I went to the bathroom for my makeup. I put on a light cream eyeshadow, and some light mascara. I was about to brush my hair, when zayn walked in. I curled my eye lashes, and straightened my hair completely. My hair was naturally wavy. Zayn was combing his blonde highlight. I turned on my up all night album. And then I started brushing my teeth. Zayn brushed his teeth too. We took a pic of it together. I don't know why, but it was so much fun. We finsished and we smiled at each other. We walked downstairs to see everyone ready. Lou was on his phone, probably texting el. Zayn then said "Well let's goooo!! The limos here!!" woah a limo. When tiara and I walked outside we saw the best limo ever!! It was orange!! Our jaws dropped. Then Niall said, "pictures will last longer! Now c'mon!" he grabbed our hands, and we were on our way!!
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