Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


18. They Love Us

Once we all got home from seeing that asshole, zayn carried me upstairs to his room. His house was huge. He sat me on the bed and sat with me. He wiped the tears from my eyes and said, "Shhhh. It's okay. I won't let anything happen to you. If you don't wanna tell me who he is and why you dislike him, it's okay with me. I trust you." he cradled me in his arms. In a croaky voice I replied, "I will tell you. I tr-trust y-ou too. Can we go get my bag from the-the car?" he then answered, "you can wear my things to bed. We'll get it in the morning. You don't need to go out there babe. Okay?" I just nodded my head an grabbed a tissue from his bed stand. He walked towards his closet and came back shortly with some comfy-looking sweats and a nice shirt. As he gave it to me, he said "I would give you a sweatshirt, but I will keep you warm." wow. He would. I just half-smiled and went towards the bathroom to change. I changed and took my makeup off(well what was remaining of it). I walked back out, to see zayn standing in from of his mirror. Of course. I grabbed his arm gently an we walked out. I didn't know the way, so I said "Can you lead the way?" he took my hand and smiled. We were walking down the stairs. When we got down we went through a foyer kind of area. Then we were in the main living room. Finally. All the boys were siting there in I'm guessing their pjs. When we came down they all looked at us. Tiara, thankfully cleared her throat and said, "Once everyone is ready we can tell you a brief story of that incident, then watch movies all night?" they all nodded, but then Liam said, "Well we have a recording session tomorrow, at like 3:00pm, so not all night. But you girls can go too, we wouldn't leave you two." we both looked at each other and smiled. I nodded my head, giving tiara the look that we were going. She said, "We'd love too. But marissa needs to explain everything first." everyone put their attention towards me, and I began. "So when I was in middle school, I met this guy. At a party. He was really nice to me, and I ended up giving him my number. Later on, we found out he was moving to my school in ninth grade. We talked daily, and he was the kindest man anyone could ever meet. Oh and I forgot to mention, we were going out since 7th grade. During the summer, after 9th grade, he kept asking me to have sex with him. I kept declining. I didn't wanna loose my virginity(by choice) at this age. He wouldn't talk to me for a while, every time I said no. I got so annoyed. One might he asked me, and I said no once again. He got all of his football playing jocks to go to my house. That night my parents were on business trips, and my siblings were sleeping. He came into the house with his friends an tried raping me. It was terrible. My sister heard my scream, and he called 911. They came and took him away. Haven't seen him since. And now he's here. In... London." no tears escaped my eyes. Same with everyone else. I think we were all just angered by him. Zayn took me onto his lap an said "No matter what happens, I will always and I mean always be yours. Even if you cheat. I fucking love you. If that happens again, I will die for you." when he said That I started bawling. He hugged me and then I looked across to see Niall, Lou and Harry having their hands folded together, heads bowed, and eyes closed. We're the praying? If so, what for? Liam joined in. Then zayn and tiara. So I joined. We all looked up at te same time. We all hugged, and Liam got up and said "Girls. Thanks for trusting us. We will never, and I repet never let anything happen to you, AGAIN." Liam walked out of the room and came back a minute or do later. With? The toy story movies. Tiara and I chuckled to each other and the boys just shrugged their shoulders and moaned at his choice. Liam put the first movie in and dimmed the lights. We all started watching it. It wasn't that bad after all. I guess it was for the boys, having to see it so much because of Liam. But if it makes Liam happy, then I am too. :) about halfway through the movie, I noticed Niall and Harry were gone. I turned to Lou and saw him on twitter. Zayn was drifting asleep, so I sat by Lou. He moved over to make a seat for me. Isat down and asked "What's Eleanor like? And where are the the other two demons at?" he gave me a silly faced and whispered, "She is.. Just indescribably perfect. The boys are in the kitchen getting popcorn and candy and soda." I nodded and watched him in twitter. He showed me the latest articles about them. It said : One direction has new girls? Who could they be? Are they going to be apart of the big family too? Read to see(page 23).
I gave a fake smile and I saw the pictures. The fans were gonna kill me and t. They saw pictures of us holding hands with our bfs. Damnit. Why did they have to e so popular? Lou seemed to noticed how I felt and said "Dont worry Eleanor went through it too. She is okay now love. Trust me. And besides, fans won't attack you, because thu know that of they do, we will strongly dislike them, even if they like carrots and lamborghinis." I had to laugh at that. I let out a small giggle and Liam and tiara just shushed me. Wow. Tiara is perfect for Liam. Like no doubt. Niall came back with his mouth filled with who knows what, and Harry came back with the food for us. Zayn awoke, I guess from the food smell, and we all ate. Except for the two toy story love birds, who started watching the second movie. We all ate in the other living room, when Harry said "I'm a bit bored Lou. What should we do?" Lou answered "Manhunt maybe?" we all nodded quickly. This was gonna be a fun night.
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