Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


7. The Secret

I woke up and I saw zayn sleeping like a baby. He was so cute. I just stared at him.. His beautiful face. I checked the time to see it was only 5:30am. "ughh." muttered, sitting on the side of the bed. I hate waking up this early, with no one to talk to. Just then zayn woke. He said, "What's wrong love?" with a concerned look on his face. "oh nothing.. Just woke up." I said looking to the ground. He sang, And When You Smile At The Ground It Ain't Hard To Tell. I looked up and smiled at him. He kissed my forehead and layed me down. I tried to say that I loved him, but he cut me off and said, "You need some sleep sweetie. Let's cuddle!" well I was okay with cuddling so I just nodded my head. Zayn pulled his shirt off and my eyes widened. He smirked. I said, "oh la la" in a hushed tone. He came really close to me. Our noses were touching slightly, and his hands were on my bum. I ran my hands down his abs. It was hot. He kissed my lips repeatedly. He looked into my blue eyes and said, "Never leave me. If you do, I will find you." I replied,"Wasn't planning on it." we smiled and fell asleep in each others arms.
Liam and I fell asleep around 11ish. I woke up at like 3am from a night mare. I sat up in my bed, and hugged my legs as tight as I could. The nightmare was about My uncle. He tried raping me and marissa when we were 4. He raped us. Then cut our left wrists. It hurt. He said one day he would kill us because he hates little girls. With Tht we were left alone until our friend Alex came and found us. If she wasn't near the shack we were left at, we would have died. She's our bestfriend still. She loves Niall. Anyway the dream was about my uncle. He killed marissa and said he would find me no matter what. I feltso vulnerable. I was shaking because I was soo scared. Just then, Liam woke up. He asked me what was happening. I had to tell him. I couldn't keep the secret. I can trust him. I told him every single detail of the story. By the end he was crying. "why are you crying?" I asked? He wiped his tears and said, "Because I love you and you and marissa didn't deserve any of that. You girls are beautiful women. I want to find that guy, and kill him. I want him dead. I love you," he said, while hugging me ever so tightly. I said "Liam they have been searching for him. They will find him. Then kill him. My parents promised me that. Besides, he lived in Idaho. I said hugging back." I pulled out of the hug and kissed him. He got me a glass of water. "thanks babe." I said gulping down the water. "babe?" Liam asked. "yes honey?" he looked me in the eyes and said, "I will never let any bastard like him hurt you ever again. I love you. I will protect you from everything. I promise." we kissed. We then fell asleep in each others arms. He was asleep, but I said this anyway. "I will always love you Liam James Payne."
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