Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


6. The picnic

I woke up at like 7:30am so I went downstairs to see everybody sound asleep on the couches, except for zayn and marissa. I found them in her room asleep in each others arms. It was a perfect match. What a cute couple. I hope they last long, as well as me and tiara. I really love her. When I look into her glimmering brown/hazel eyes, I get this feeling. It's no ordinary feeling. It just feels right. I may sound a bit cheesy, but it's my truth. I wanted to do something for her today, to show her I love her. I'll take her on a picnic! She will love it. I'm gonna wake niall to help me. I went downstairs to the couch he was on and I whispered,"Niall dude, I need some help. Can you help plan my romantic picnic for tiara today?" He eventually answered in a hushed tone,"Yea sure let's go to our place and change into something clean." "Alright thanks soo much!!" I said in a loud whisper. I was excited. She will love me forever. I left a nice note on her bed saying I would be back soon, and that I made her and everybody else breakfast. I told her to dress nice, cuz I had plans for us. We forgot that we didn't have a car with us. I woke marissa up and told her what my plan was and she let me use her car. I decided to use then van, so there was enough room. On our way there I got Niall some McDonald's cuz his stomach kept annoying me. "Niall thanks for doing this with me. I just really have feelings for tiara. She has to be the right one." I said. Niall replied,"Dude we all can tell. The way you two look at each other. We all notice it. It's quite cute. And no problem! You got me food!!" this is why I love Niall. He's just so honest and caring, in a kid way. He's always so happy."is it really that noticeable?" I said smiling slightly. "Oh yes dude it is. Now wht are you gonna wear?" he asked curiously. "I think I will wear a plaid shirt, and some nice trousers. She said I look cute in plaid." she will like my clothing choice. I know it. Niall smiled and went back to eating. When we got to our house, which we noticed was only like 5 minutes away, we went an got dressed. I showered and put on my lucky cologne and my outfit. I styled my hair nicely. I was getting nervous. What if she doesn't like it? What if she's gonna break up with me? We'll just have to find out I guess, I thought to myself. "Hey I made the food for you two." said Niall giving me the basket of food and our blanket. "Thanks. Now lets go to the park and set up for later." and with that we left to get ready.
I woke up at like 10am to quietness. Was all this a dream? It couldn't be. I looked downstairs to see two of the boys asleep on the couch and I went into marissas room to see zayn cuddling her like there was no tomorrow. I took a picture. It was cute. I was worried thoug. I noticed Niall and my Liam weren't here. I walked to my room and sat on my bed. I was getting sad when I saw a folded up paper next to me. I opened it up and it read:
Hey baby, I left with Niall to get some clothes. I made you a breakfast in the kitchen. By the way, I have some nice plans tonight for us. If you're interested, meet me at the park at 4:30pm. It doesn't matter what you wear, because your beautiful no matter what. I hope you come baby!!
Love, Liam xx

Aww, he did still care. I tiptoed downstairs and ate the breakfast he made me. When I finished it was 12pm. I was a slow eater and plus, I was cleaning up. I got a nice warm shower. When I got out I saw Lou, Harry, and the lovebirds downstairs. I think they were watching X Factor. Marissa saw me and walked into my room when I did. She said,"Hey what's up gurl?" I gave we the note that Liam gave me and I told her to show the boys downstairs, That we're busy. She left. I decided to wear my strapless peach/pink dress from hollister. It was knee length. I loved the dress. I wore really cute heels. They weren't really high heels, but it matched the dress perfectly. They were white with diamonds. I put on light makeup, but enough to look presentable. People say I don't need it, but I know I do. Just then I got a phone call. It was my mom. I told her everything Tht happend, and she was very happy or us. I told her I had to get ready for the date, so I hung up. I decided to straighten my curls, and I made a tiny little braid on the side of my head. It took pretty long to straighten my hair because I have thick hair. It was 3:15pm. I figured I would go wait by the entrance of the park at 4:25pm so it would be perfect timing. I saw Niall sitting on a bench... Eating ice cream. I saw a note on the bench at the entrance. It was from Liam. It told me to go to Niall to get my next 'clue'. Wow. I could tell this would be romantic. Niall saw me and smiled. He sat up and gave me another note. It told me to go to the biggest tree in the park. I found one pretty big. In the trunk was a note. It told me to walk 20 paces to my left. I did so. I saw one last note in the middle of the grass. It told me to go to the rooftop of the store called 'the flower garden' across the street. I went there. He was smiling, with a bunch of flowers in his hands. Niall was playing his guitar and singing a love song softly. The rooftop was light up beautifully. Liam looked handsome. He gave me the flowers and he sat my down on the blanket. I said "Liam you didn't have to do this. You know I love you." "Yes, but I want you to know that you're the only one. I want you Ro know that I'm yours. I will be there for you with everything. I love you. You need to know Tht." he replied kissing my forehead. I was getting teary-eyed. He knew how to make a girl fall in love with him. A single tear escaped my eye and he used his thumb to gently brush it away. He said, "Dont cry." he started singing to me: Shut the door, turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love." he contiued. I layed in his arms. It was so romantic. Niall took our basket and our plates and stuff away, and he let us be. I took my shoes off cuz it was hurting. He got up and told Niall to sing for us. Liam helped me up and we danced to every song. I look into his eyes in the middle of the song 'one thing'. He looked down at me and kissed me. It was passionate. We kissed for like 5-6minutes. When we finished he told me he would take me home. He carried my bridal style and sat me in the passenger seat of the car. Niall was in the back. I spoke up, "Liam, you and Niall didn't have to do that for me. I had the time of my life. No one has ever done that for me. And I don't know how I will ever repay you both-", Liam cut me off and said, "Babe, we did this because we love you. Niall helped me cuz you're like his sister now. You're part of the one direction family. You're mommy direction. Okay?" I nodded my head and said thanks to Niall. He said he has never seen a more romantic couple then us and he was happy for us. We got home at like 11pm. Niall slept in one of the open rooms and Liam and I cuddled in my bed. I thanked him once more and then we fell asleep. I love my life right now.
I woke up to the sound of a shower. Probably tiara. I was getting out of bed, when suddenly someone grabbed my hips. I turned to see zayn smirking. "Yes zayn?" I asked turning to face him. "I just want to cuddle with you all day." he pulled me down and we cuddled for a bit. We then went downstairs to wake up the others. Niall wasn't there. Probably with Liam. We jumped on Harry and Lou to wake them up. They seemed pissed, but they soon started laughing with zayn and I. "Okay it's like 12 and we have no Idea where Liam, tiara, or Niall are?!?" said Lou. "I'll go look for them." I said kissing zayn then getting up. I saw her in her room. I asked what was going on and she showed me the note from Liam. I decided to let her be, so I showed the boys and then we just chatted. "Aww Liam made plans for him and tiara!!" said Harry. He was... Just... Haha undescribable. "yes he did!!" said tiara coming down the stairs in a nice outfit. She left and we were left alone at like 3pm. We decided to go swimming. It was fun. When we finished, we decided to go ding-dong-ditching on people in the neighborhood. It was soo much fun!! When we got back we played truth or dare until like 12pm. We ordered pizza earlier. We all fell asleep on the couches. I was curled up on top of zayn an he was shirtless. Oh La La!! Lou and Harry fell asleep next to each other(Larry stylinson much)!! I woke up an hour later realizing all this, and kissed zayn softly until he woke. He whispered, "I was awake this whole time. I just wanted more kisses." he smirked. He sat up and carried me to our bed. He put me down and he climbed on top of me. We started making out, and I rolled on top of him. I smirked, when I realized he got a boner. Lol. I decided to tease him. I stopped kissing him and I took my shirt off and my bra was on. I kissed him on the lips lightly, and then I cuddled him. He still had a boner. I could tell. I took my pants off an I was in my panties. I turned around and started to fake sleep. Zayn came closer to me and started kissing my neck. I fell asleep. This is my life. I'm proud to say I'm zayn Malik's girlfriend.
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