Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


31. The Fight Leads To The Bloody Truth

Ahhh this is going to work just fine. I see marissa in one of the cameras I hid in the house while I cleaned up. It's about 1:00am and I don't think she can sleep. Wonder why (hint the sarcasm)? I have been up for a while just setting everything up for them. I just needed them to slowly suffer. So while they're here, they're going to be in pain, misery, and just more pain! It's gonna feel soo good to watch them suffer, while people go around looking for them. They won't find them. I know that for a fact. They may find the address to where they're staying, but they won't ever be seen anywhere once they're in my hands. I had no idea where my nicompoop sidekick was. I screamed around looking for him. Then I found him. He hung himself in his bedroom closet. Probably because of me. Ah, whatever I will just tell the cops I found him dead later. Once I make up the tradgic story of how the girls died and I tried to rescue them, I will have completed my life. This was gonna be great. Just a few more hours until the start of their death.
We all got back from nandos. I was exhausted, but then again I knew I wasn't gonna get sleep any time soon because I had to go somewhere at a strange time. It was about 10pm. Zayn and I walked to our bed room and I showered because I wanted to be clean for later on. Zayn stripped into his boxers. After my shower, I walked into my closet. First, I laid my outfit for later on, onto the carpeted ground of my closet. Then I wore my pjs bottoms and a grey tank top. I didn't bother wearing a bra. I was just stressed out a bit. Before I left the closet, I texted tiara one last time. I said: Hey t, be ready for later. I got ur back tho xx
I slowly opened the door and saw Zayn sitting on my bed with his back facing me. I sat next to him. He looked at me and then back at his phone, looking like he could care less. I spoke first "I know you think something's wrong but there's nothing. I promise." Then he said something that shocked me. "Let me check your phone. Have you been seeing someone else or something?" I got pissed at him so I said "Wht the hell Zayn?!? Why would you think that?!? Maybe I'm acting weird for a different reason!!" "Well then why don't I know yet?!? Do you trust me?!?!?" He said "Of course I trust you Zayn!!! But you obviously don't trust me considering the fact you're asking for my phone!!! Just take it, you wouldn't trust me anyway!!!" And so I chucked my phone on the bed and stormed out. Luckily, nobody was out in the hall, so I just ran down the stairs. Tears were streaming down my face and they wouldn't stop. Those words kept running through my mind. 'Have you been seeing someone else?' Ughh I can't believe him. It was pouring outside, but anyway I still ran outside to sit on a bench. I sat down and put my head in my hands. I murmured to myself 'I thought he loved me. Now this happens.' Tears were rapidly falling and I starte to freeze. I was only in my pjs, no shoes or anything. I didn't wanna leave though. The cold and wetness of the weather didn't hurt as much as Zayn not trusting me. I just couldn't take it. I layed here on the bench all sad for a while. Then I heard footsteps coming towards me. I was almost asleep so I just faked it and pretended to be sleeping. I could tell it was Zayn. It looked like he had been crying too. He scooped me up in his muscular arms and got inside. My lips were probably like purple. I was cold as shit. We got to my rooms and Zayn whispered "Im sorry." I was getting dressed on the other side of the room, so I then said "mmmhm." He could tell I didn't wanna talk, and when I got dressed in sweats, he layed me down under the covers. Tears were still falling. I layed on my side, with my back facing him. He sat closer to me and said "Can we talk? Please?" I then groaned and said "why? It's obvious you don't trust me. There's nothing for me to say." Then he sat up and replied "Yes, we need to talk. I didn't look in your phone. I promise. Hopefully after this you can still trust me. But really, I'm sorry. I just got mad because I feel like you've been acting different all day. I just got mad and I do trust you. Please marissa, you can't leave me. I love you." I sat up and said "Do you want to know why? I've been acting strange today because of those notes. I have been receiving more and more notes threatening to kill you guys if I don't leave tonight, with tiara. They want something from me. I have to leave at 3:45. I promise I will see you again." The next part I whispered "I wrote down the address to where were going on the back of this note to you. If we go missing, investigate there. It's almost time for me to go..." Zayns look changed from apology to sad. He was holding me tight, and crying. He finally croaked out "Marissa, please don't do this to me!! I would die for you!!! Please!!!" I couldn't help but cry even more. "No Zayn, I have to go. Tell the boys immediately in the morning as well as the girls. I promise Zayn we will see Eachother again here on earth. I will never forget you. But I have to go." And with that I passionately kissed Zayn on the lips. He desperately held on to me for dear life. We both let go and I hopped off the bed. I ran to my closet and got ready. I put my hair up and walked back to the bed. Zayn gave me my phone and my 'other phone' for my plan with tiara. Before I left the bedroom, I managed to creak out "I love you Zayn." I couldn't look back. I closed the door softly and I found tiara sitting waiting for me with the note and an umbrella in hand. I nodded and we left. We didn't speak because we knew we would end up crying. We kept walking towards our destination. We got there. It was the tinyest abandoned cottage. It looked harmless. But they do always say 'never judge something on their appearance. I grabbed tiaras hand and we walked up the small porch. I knocked on the door and it opened instantly. It had dimmed lighting inside. Tiara and I were both terrified. Then we heard someone talking. It was Vicky!! We followed the voice into a bedroom. Aunt Vicky turned around as we entered and she said "Well well well. What a swell surprise here. We looked at her walls and instead of seeing wall paper, we saw pictures of us from everything we have done in London. She chuckled "Now you didn't know I was gonna be here now did ya? Just sit down on the bed so I can explain." We did as told, scared because she was actually stronger than us. She carried on and said "So you two were raped at the age of four by your uncle. Aka my sidekick that recently commuted suicide. Yeah I made him do that. Do you know why? Maybe because you little brats never appreciated me or him. You never loved us, or even cared to speak to us!! You were both big bitches that didn't care for us. Now your worse. I couldn't hate you more. Now you both need to suffer. Slowly and painfully. Now cough up your cellphones. Now!!" We quickly gave her the phones without hesitation. She chuckled and walked to the door. Right before she left she said "Stay here. Or else sudden death." She walked out and tiara started crying hysterically. I held her tight and brushed through her hair. I kept whispering "we'll be alright, I promise. After a hurricane, comes a rainbow."
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