Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


23. Surprises.!<3

Eleanor's POV

Marissa and Tiara are very nice girls to me. For the last week, Lou has been telling me alot about them, and they seemed pretty cool, but they're wayy better in person. They're very outgoing and welcoming. We had just gotten to the bowling alley, and we were meeting Paul here in about 5 minutes. We walked in and then I said "Hey girls, I'm just gonna call Paul to see where he is." Marissa then said "That's fine, take your time!" I started walking when tiara yelled to me "We will get the decorations from the car, and make sure the people are decorating at our house!!" I showed a thumbs up and I walked to I think where the restrooms were. Nobody was here because they originally only opened at night time, and it was about 2:30pm. I dialed Pauls number and he answered in a few rings. 

Paul: Hello?

Me: Hey Paul, it's me El, are you on your way?

Paul: Just about here. I see Marissa and Tiara bringing stuff into the building. I will be right in."

Me: Alrighty thanks Paul. Bye.

~End of phonecall~

I walked back over to the lobby, and I found the girls sitting on the boxes they brought in. I said "Well lets go and decorate! Paul is parking now!!" They both giggled and got up. I brought my music system and I played live while we're young. We were all singing along, and by the time the chorus came, Paul walked in with the rest of the boxes and said "You girls will never understand how hard it was to tell the boys you left. They went crazy thinking I did something to you!" We all laughed, so I decided to text Louis, telling him I'm alright. I said: Hey babe, I'm out with the girls shopping, and Paul is with us cuz fans were attacking us, and we needed help. He shortly replied with: EL BABY!! YOU'RE OKAY!! I'll tell the boys. Next time call me babe xx'. I just giggled at his response and I saw everything all decorated. No workers were there though. They left all the food to us. Niall is going to end up devouring it. I called the girls over to the huge kitchen area. This place was soo modern. Their mouthes dropped. It was filled with so much food, Niall could probably share with us! Marissa then said "Wow! Now we won't have to worry bout Niall!! But we're going to need carrots, for your little Lou! And tiara, NO SPOONS AT ALL!" We all laughed and then Paul walked in, looking tired. When he saw everything, his eyes popped out of his head! He said "Wow girls. They must be directioners! they know how much Niall eats!!" we all laughed and then I said "Okay, I think we should go back and check on the workers at the house, to see when they'll be done decorating." And yes, we did hire one-time workers to make the girls house 'funner'. Tiara said "That would be the best thing to do. Paul can you make sure the boys arrive at the park at 5?" He nodded and he said bye and went back to the studio. We got back to the house, and everything was awesome. Their house was huge, and VERY modern. I said "GUYS!! You didn't tell me your house was THIS awesome!!" They laughed and marissa replied "Thanks El, when did the workers leave?" "They left a few minutes ago, but didn't they make this place awesome!?" I said, plopping myself down on the beanbag chair. Tiara then said "OMG beanbag chair!!" she toppled on top of me and then we laughed. Marissa jumped on both of us, and we were just having a good time together. We're like sisters!!


This was the best planning ever!! We were all on top of eachother having fun, when I remembered that we should probably get dressed. I sat up and said "GIRLS!! UP NOW, we gotta get ready! El, for the time you're here, you can use the room next to me!: They immediatley got up and we all ran for the showers in our rooms. I got in and I washed my hair and body. I shaved my legs, then got out. I wrapped a towel around my body, and my hair. I got dressed in a cute forever 21 shirt. It was white, and it was over-the-shoulder. I wore dark-colored jeans, and my dark blue and white varsity jacket. I wore my white toms, and I did a side fishtail braid. I put my side bangs in a few bobby pins, making a cute little bump at the top of my head. I noticed a few tiny strands of hair were just sitting there, so I curled them. I put eyeliner on my bottom eyelid, and I used some mascara. I didn't use too much mascara cuz my eyelashes are really long. I got my phone and when I was about to get money, I remembered that everything was already reserved for tonight. I put my phone in my back pocket. I wanted to text Zayn, but I couldn't cuz us girls weren't going to from 4pm till tonight. i was already bombarded with texts from the boys, but mainly him. I missed him. I was sad thinking about it, so I ran to tiara's room and I heard her talking to El. They were just laughing and El said she wanted to scare me and have tiara get it on video. I decided to hide behind the door and get it on video. I hide and then they walked out. They both looked stunning. They walked towards my door, and then I entered tiara's room. I ran to her beaura and I put my Iphone there to record the video. Her room was huge, so it probably wouldn't get all of the good parts. I went into her walk-in closet and i turned her lights out. She wasn't wearing shoes, and my guess was, she was coming in here to get some.(lol i said getsome). I hide in the closet, and a few moments later the girls came in and El said "I wonder where she went?" Tiara said "Maybe in the bathroom. I need shoes to wear. Lets go see." I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Tiara and her were talking about shoes and then she opened the door. She turned the light on and then I jumped up and said "SNEAK ATTACK!" I jumped on her and Eleanor jumped and ran. It was hilarious!!! I got up and said "Maybe u should whisper ur plans next time!!" Tiara got up, laughing and said "You scared the piss out of me!!" El came back in the room and said "Shit Marissa, you scared the daylights out of me." "And I got it all on video." I replied, walking towards my phone, to stop the recording. We all went downstairs. All that was left to do was enjoy the night. We were meeting the boys at the alley at like 8 I think. We were all on twitter and stuff. I decided to make a bagel. "Anyone want some bagels and creamcheese?" I asked walking towards the kitchen. El then said "We both do, just make it quick, we're leaving in 10 minutes." I nodded and got into the kitchen. I saw a note on the table. It read : Hello. You don't know who this is from. But just make sure you don't loose this note. Don't tell anyone, unless you wanna get hurt!;)

When I read that i had mixed emotions. I didn't know who wrote it, and I didn't wanna bring anyone else into it. I decided to just not tell anyone, until I needed to. It couldn't be too bad. Maybe one of the workers that came today are a directioner, and they love zayn or something. I don't know, but whomever it is, they need to just back off, before someone gets hurt. I snapped out of my thoughts and realized I had a few minutes to make the bagels. I ran to the pantry and got 3 bagels, quickly toasted them, then I smeared creamcheese on them and i put them in zip-lock bags, and ran to the car, where Tiara and El were. Tiara took shotgun and El was driving. I got in the back and handed them their bagels. El took a bite of hers and said "Thanks love, just what I need!" Then Tiara said "Mmmm, Thanks riss!!" I giggled and replied "You're welcome girls, now lets get going to the alley!!"

~Skip Car ride~

(Still Marissa's POV)

We got to the bowling alley, and we saw a note on the front door. I took it off and I read it to the girls. It said : Hey girls, this is the manager of this Bowling Alley. I am Kenny, and I wanted you to know that the key is under the mat. Thanks girls. Call me tomorrow morning, after your party for the boys, so I know when I can send the workers over to clean! -Kenny

El then said "Okay, so does this mean we have to take the boys somewhere tomorrow, since they're cleaning up your house?" Tiara looked at me and I just gave a thumbs up. She said "Yea I guess we could take them to an amusement park or something. I saw this cool one, near the airport." El nodded and I replied "Yeah sure, they'd love that. But we shouldn't rent that out cuz we've rented enough right? And besides, the boys will have fun no matter what." El and tiara chuckled as I got the key from the doormat. El took the note off the door and said "I'll throw this away once we get in girls." Tiara nodded and i unlocked the bowling alley. It was spotless and very nicely decorated(thanks to us girls, lol). We all sat in the lounge area and we were all on our phones waiting. We had a 15 minute break. I went on twitter and i saw that zayn posted something a little over an hour ago. It Read: I miss my girlllll;(       Then it had a pic of him at the studio with a pouty face. Awww I felt soo bad. But we couldn't post anything or text them, until they got here.  Tiara spoke up "Our guys posted stuff on twitter, how sweet!! I can't wait to see their reactions when they walk in!!" OH SHIT. I forgot to hook up our camera, to get a video of their reactions. I sat up straight and said "Guys we forgot to put up the cameras!!" El popped out of her seats and went behind the minibar that was across from us. She picked up a huge black breifcase and she opened it. In it, she had about 5 minicameras. We all got them and hung them up. We put two by the entrance. One by the bowling lanes. One by the lounge and bar area. And one of the whole area pretty much. We all got the same text from Paul saying he was in the parking lot and the boys were going crazy. Apparently they didn't wanna go bowling without us!!


So we all hung the cameras up and we received a text from Paul. I cranked the music up on high, and then we all hid in the small lobby. I heard them coming. I got sooo excited!! I get to see Liammmmm. I love him soo much. The way he just does things, impresses me for some reason. I heard Liam say "I won't actually bowl, unless I'm with Tiara!!" They were all whining about how they just wanted us. It was cute. Paul opened the door and us girls jumped out and said "SURPRISE YOU 5 SINGING MANIACS!!!!!" Their faces went from annoyed to a child on christmas day. Liam saw me and then ran to me. I got nervous for a minute, like he was gonna hurt me, but then he swooped me up and spun me around gently and said "Oh MY GOSH!! Babe!! Did you do all this for me?!?!?" I just nodded my head and he kissed me passionatley for a few minutes. It was one of my best kisses I've ever had!! When we pulled apart I thought nothing could ever be better, but then he got on one knee. I got scared. OMG what was he doing?!?!? Im not ready for marriage!! He then grabbed my hands and said "Tiara, I know you think I'm going to ask you to marry me, and trust me, one day I will, but right now will you take the honor in wearing this promise ring for me? It's for beautiful women, with kind hearts, that know how to make people feel good. And when I saw this ring, it made me think of you. I need you tiara. Never leave me please. I-..." He was getting teary eyed and so what I. He finished his sentence and said "Tiara, I- I love you so much." He held the ring out and I held my hand out and he put the ring on. I said "Liam, there's not much to say." I smiled and he said "Then don't speak." He kissed me again, for about 5 minutes. Then I realized everyone is bowling. "Liam babe, wanna go bowling now?" He smiled and said "If I'm with you, I'll do anything." I smiled and took his hand in mine. We walked into the bowling lanes and we saw them all having a blast. Harry and Niall shared a lane and they were running down their lane laughing. Of course. Only they would do that. lol. Zayn and Marissa came up to us and marissa said "So you have decided to join us! Cute promise ring! Saw the proposal on camera, cute!" I blushed when she reminded me of the cameras. Zayn smiled at me and said "Don't worry, it was cute. We put the video on twitter and youtube, and fans seemed to like it." I blushed even more, then they walked away back to their lane hand in hand. El and Lou were playing tag in like ten of the lanes and I gotta say, it was really cute. Liam took me to the last lane and said "Lets play. Im pro at this." I then said "Oh yeah, try beating me. Best in the family." We both smirked at eachother and we played. It was a nail-biting game. I got six strikes on my first tries, and so did liam. It was my turn. I took my lucky purple bowling ball and I ran up and let go of the ball, hoping it would go where I wanted. It was another strike!! Then liam went and ofcourse he got a strike. I then said "Goddamnit liam. You're too good." He smirked and tried kissing me. I pushed away and went for my next turn. He smirked at me and I just winked back seductively. We kept going on, getting strikes. It was my last try. I had to win this. I just needed to. I got my purple ball and I made sure my aim would be perfect. I threw the ball, then crossed my fingers. I got. . . . . A STRIKE! "YES!!! HAHAHA lets see you do better babe!!" He got up and I sat on the ball machine thingy. He came up to me and said, "Do I get a goodluck kiss, cuz I might need it, considering how amazing you are at bowling." I said "Just one, and yes you will need all the goodluck kisses you can get." He smiled and then I kissed his plump lips for a few seconds. He got his blue ball and aimed for his shot. It looked pretty good. It smashed down some of the pins. But luckily, not all. Two pins were left. And it was a split. He stood there. I was shocked. He got a fucking split. I walked to him and he had a blank expression on his face. I said "Liam?" He slowly looked down to me and said "Yes?" he said that with some attitude. I then said "Want me to help you with you're.... split?" He then replied "Well I need all the help i can get babe, so...... Lets gooo!!" He scooped me up and ran down the lane like a maniac. He sat me down by the pins and sat with me. He said "Okay babe, on the count of three, we're gonna knock these two pins down. Okay?" I then said "Sure, but they know you're cheating cuz Harry and Niall a taking pics right now." He just turned over to them and said "Screw it, lets do it." I laughed cuz that 'phrase sounded funny and perverted. He noticed and said "Oh babe, we will do it, but only when you're comfortable with it." I giggled and he said "Okay. One.....Two.....Threee....Go!" We both knocked the pins down, even though I actually won. We ran back to the beginning of our lane and we kissed. Everyone was laughing and playing. Liam then yelled "Hey everyone!! Lets go eat some food!!" Niall popped right up and ran with Liam and I to the lounge where most of the food was at. We were all eating and some of us had a few drinks. We didn't drink too much because we still had a full night ahead of us! We were all comfy on the couches when Harry commented "Girls, thanks so much for this, but you really didn't have to..." I then blurted out "Oh we had to, you're like our everything. And we want you to be happy!!" Harry came up and hugged me. Liam playfully slapped him on the butt and harry said "I was just giving her a hug daddy!" Liam then said "SHES MINE!" He then grabbed me and put me on his lap. I said "Everyone knows I'm yours!! Harry just wanted a hug!" I got up and gave Harry what he wanted. Liam got 'mad' and I sat by him and kissed him. Louis then said "El give me some of that now!!" El chuckled and said "What's the magic word??" He replied "Carrotcakesss." The El kissed him on the lips. harry got mad at lou and said "LOU!! what a disgrace!" Harry took Niall and started cuddling him. I guess he felt better with Niall now! Zayn then said "Marissa, you know what I'm gonna ask you for!" Marissa smirked at him and said "I'm not very sure of what you're talking about Mr. Malik!" He then said "Oh c'mon, don't play dumb with me! You can't live without my lips!!" She then said "Well why ask for it, when it's already yours!" He pulled her in for a kiss, and we were all chatting for like an hour. Every now and then our boyfriends would pull us in for kisses, and whenever that happened, Harry pulled niall closer to him and Niall got all cuddly. It was adorable!! I was starting to notice Marissa seemed very distant with Zayn. She seemed to be hiding something. I will talk to her later I guess, 'cuz right now, we're going home for another surprise!! I then said "Hey guys, you're camping at ours tonight, so lets go, and have a fun night!!" Liam got up and grabbed my hand. We all left. I turned the music off, grabbed all of our belonings, and locked up with Marissa and El. They were babbling off about their night so far! I just said that I got a promise ring. Then they held out some similar rings and we all laughed! I was soo happy about our rings. They were gorgeous diamonds that any girl would die for. I got into the car and El drove to the house. It looked plain from the front. We entered, and then the boys were running through the house playing around. Oh and I forgot to mention, we took alot of their clothes with us, so they can stay anytime. Also, we found out our basement has 3-4 more furnished bedrooms, so we made their own bedrooms too! They all were outside playing with random things. We bought a trampoline. We got really cool moonbounces. I know you're probably thinking moon bounces are for kids, but these obviously were for us!! This was going to be fun!! I found Liam and we spent our time hanging out with the lads!! Such a fun night!!



Once we got back from the alley, I grabbed marissa and we entered the house with the others. When I saw everything, I was going crazy. Marissa giggled uncontrollably at my craziness. everyone ran outside, so I took marissa in my hand and went into the kitchen. I sat her on the countertop and I whispered "Thanks babe. I hope you like your ring. But I'm feeling a bit sad right now." She seemed a bit distant, but then she whispered back "Why are you sad babe? Did you want something?" She was being soo seductive, and so was I. I said "I just want you babe." She smirked and replied "Just wait til' tonight." I went in for a kiss, and we kissed for a few minutes. Her hands were in my hair and my hands were wrapped tightly around her waist. Lou and Eleanor ran in and Lou said "Whoops, El looks like we have to go somewhere else to kiss now!!" We chuckled and they ran back outside. I took Marissa's hand and we went into the huge moon bounce. It was literally a moon bounce maze. I was like huge and Marissa yelled "Zayn lets play hide and seek!! Count to 30, and the try finding me! If you find me, you get me as a prize!!" She ran off and I started counting. i have to find her. I want her. I want her soo much, it's like undescribable. I counted all the way to 30, and then set off looking for her. Damn, she's a good hider. I was on this one obstacle where you had to climb and then fall like 5 times. it was crazy. I saw marissa facing the other way. She was far away in the maze. in a corner. I memorized the path to take and I found her. I made her jump and I said "So I found you, now I get you." She smirked and I picked her up. I pulled her really close to me and she put her hands in my hair and I went in to kiss her. She wasn't being as distant as earlier. I will just talk to her later about it. We kissed for what seemed like forever. We both pulled away and smiled. It was already like 12:30am. We went inside, hand in hand. Everyone was in their pajamas, talking about their 'new rooms'. I had no idea what they meant so I sat down on the couch and put marissa on my lap and said "What new rooms?" Niall then replied "The girls made us our own rooms, in all of the guest rooms. Yours is in Marissa's room, the master bedroom. In my head I was jumping with joy. I just said "Oh great, more time with my girl!!" I pecked her lips. Then Liam said "I get to be with Tiara!!!!!" The Louis said "Yea, and I'm with ELLLLLL!!" Harry then said "I'm with Niall, even though our rooms are right next door!" Niall laughed and got up to sit on his lap. "Narry much.." Tiara said. We all giggled, but Harry just kissed niall on the cheek. Niall said "That's all?!?!? Only the cheek?!?!?! I deserve more!!!" Harry kissed his lips for a second or two. We all busted out laughing and Lou then said "Fine Harry, I guess we won't be seeing eachother anymore then!" He turned and pecked el's lips. Harry then said "Fine! I have Niall anyway, and you have your precious little El!!" It was funny watching them 'fight'. Marissa got up and said "Okay, well zayn and I will be back, we need to our our pajamas on." She got me up, and we went to her room. She got us new pajamas that matched. On my shirt it said: She's mine(and it pointed towards marissa's outfit). Hers said :He's mine(And it pointed to my outfit). I put my on, and so did she. She had shorts on and I got longer pants for mine. We took a picture together and put it on twitter. She put her hair in a messy bun, and we joined the others downstairs, to watch the movie. We were watching the end of Love Actually. Niall was putting in The Notebook. We sat and watched. Tiara and Liam were the first to head off to bed. Then Louis and El. Then Harry and Niall left after the movie. Marissa was sound asleep. I scooped her up and I carried her bridal style to our bed. I layed her down gently and got in the bed with her. I took her in my arms. She woke up and said "Night zaynie, love yeww." She yawned and I sang her to sleep. I sang Let me Love You. She turned to face me and smiled as I sang. I finished the song and she sat up. She then said "Zayn, I need you to know something. It's been getting me very anxious today." I nodded my head and she went on. "Okay, so when we left to plan our surprise for you, we came here, to get ready. We were all ready, and I was getting us some bagels in the kitchen. I saw a note, and it threatened me. It said if I told anyone, I would get hurt. And I don't know who wrote it. Honestly, I'm scared Zaynie." I then shushed her and layed her back down. I said "Babe, it's okay. I will protect you from everything, okay? It was probably one of the workers or something. They might've been a directioner that's jealous. Don't worry bout it babe." She smiled and I layed her in my arms. We kissed. I remembered that she owes me some action tonight. I then said "Babe? You do know you owe me some action right?" She then smirked "Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten?" I smirked and then whispered, "I don't know, but let's get to it babe." I'm not sure you wanna know the details of the rest of our night, but I will say that I didn't go too far with her. I don't wanna loose her too easily. But what I got, was really good.


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