Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


26. Perfect for everyone.! {part 2}

So we were all playing our last round of laser tag. The teams were girls versing the boys. Of course they won. I saw Liam out of the corner of my eye. He was watching tiara. She turned and saw him. Her eyes widened and he shot towards her chest and he barely missed. I ran to tiara and told her to follow me. She said "Ommigoshhh, that was close!! Where we going wizz?" I replied in a short whisper saying "shhh! The boys have ears like hawks! And were going to this hideout that el and grace found while Katie and I went looking for you. We're meeting them there now. Ten we have a plan to discuss cuz we Have to win this round!!" She nodded at my response and I kept going towards the hideout. I saw Lou and Harry looking around but they luckily did not see us. They were being very sneaky. We finally got to the hideout and the girls were discussing. El pulled tiara down and explained to us what to do. Then Katie said "wow el, you're more competitive than marissa right now!!" I giggled and they shushed me and then grace said "okay so basically were going to all stay together and when we see them we just shoot! Okay girls?" We nodded and tiara said "lets do this piggy jam!!" El looked at tiara with a weird face. Katie said "you'll get used to it el, trust us, we've been with her for a while now!! Gotta love it." El silently laughed and we all put our hands in. See the first things we were gonna do was throw the boys off. El screamed first "OKAY GIRLS IM GONNA GO IN THIS CORNER OF THE ARENA!" Then me "I'LL GO TO THIS CORNER!!" Then Katie. "I WILL GO TO THE THIRD CORNER!!" Then Grace "AND TIARA AND I WILL GO IN THE LAST CORNER!" We said it reaaally loud so everyone could hear. We put our hands in and all said "GIRLS POWER!" We all got together and cocked our guns. We went to the middle of the arena and waited. The boys were all split up. We all went to the first corner. Lou was there. He looked befuddled. El shot him from behind and we all ran to the second corner. Lou screamed "WERE NOT ENDING IT THIS WAY GIRLS!!" I found Zayn there in the second corner and I shot him right when he saw me and he smiled and chased us along with Lou. Then we went to the other corners, and all five boys were hot on our tails. We all stopped and they ran right into us an the bell rang, telling us this last round was over, meaning we won!! Us girls all did our 'planned victory dance'. The boys got their gear off and so did we. We all decided on some ice cream. The boys were 'pouting' on our shoulders because of their terrible loss. We giggled and got our ice cream. We all got different flavors. Niall got rainbow ice cream. Liam got chocolate moose trail, Harry got strawberry, Lou got a sherbet kind, as did el. Zayn and I both got mint chocolate chip. The girls all got mint besides el. Mint was 'our flavor'. We all dig into our food and el said "Okay everyone it's like 6 now and when were done we can go off in our couples and go on tollercoasters!!" Everyone finished their ice cream and we all split up. Zayn held my hand and said "you're a Directioner. You know I don't like rollercoasters right?" I smirked and said "yes, but I can help you get over your fear! Pretty pleasee?!?!?" He half smiled and said "Sure babe, only cuz I love you." He pulled me close and kissed me on the lips for about 2 minutes, even though cameras were going crazy. We stopped kissing and headed to the pier to go on them rides.!!! We saw each couple at the pier a few times and we stopped o make the decision of when we're having our bonfire. We decided we would go to the beach house around 11pm and make a nice huge fire outside of our beach house we rented. We went on a few easy rides just to get zaynie started. As we walked through, I saw the huge wooden rollercoaster with the huge drop. My eyes widened. I'm guessing Zayn noticed because he gulpes and said "oh goshh, this is gonna be terribly awesome!!" I smiled and hugged him. I could smell the fresh scent of his cologne. I looked up while hugging him and said "I love your smell, now lets go ride!!!!!" I pulled his arm and ran towards the beginning of the line. We had special passes that you scan, in order to go straight on the ride. We went in the back because it goes down the drop the fastest because all it's weight is being carried by the other carts. We got buckled into our seats and we noticed Katie, Harry, grace, and Niall up in the front. Zayn yelled "NIALL HARRY HELLO MATES!!" Then I said "KATIE GRACE HELLO CHICAS!" They all turned around smiling ad the ride started after our short conversation about how we all loved Eachother and how the ride was 'going to kill us'. As the cart went up the steep hill, Zayn screamed "I AM SCARED OF THIS ROLLERCOASTER THAT IS LIFE!!! MAYBE A KISS WILL HELP!!" A bunch of girls on the ride screamed. I giggled and right when we went down, we kissed and at the perfect time too because a picture was taken on the rollercoaster at the exact time. Zayn screamed oce he got out of the kiss and he was freaking out a lot!! "Zaynie it's okay!!! Almost over!!" I grabbed his arm and he squeezed my arm. The ride finished with a lot of laughter. We got off and found the whole crew by the great white shark rollercoaster. We were walking towards them to go with, when Zayn stopped me and said "Wait. Before we go.. Can we go on the Ferris wheel later? I wanna talk to you. But don't worry it's something good." I smiled and said "of course, I'm your girlfriend. I will talk to you anytime! But lets go on this epic ride before it gets to dark!!!" We caught up with the lads and we all got on the ride. We all talked a bit and the ride started. Zayn was actually enjoying the ride and he decided to go again, just because he wanted this to be a memory worth remembering. We went again and the lads all left to do their own thing. We went on all the other big rides there and it was about 9:30pm. Zayn wanted to win something. He told me to hop on his back. I did as he told and he said "I'm winning you that teddy bear over there. Then, we are meeting the others at the Ferris wheel." I nodded and kissed his cheek from behind. We got over to the game were the gigantic teddy was and the guy there said "IF YOU MAKE 3 BASKETS IN A ROW, YOU GET ANYTHING HERE!!" Zayn paid his money and lucky for him he got it all on his first try. The guy mumbled "show off. What's the prize you're choosing?" Zayn said "the big teddy bear please!" The guy grunted and replied "of course, i should've known." He gave him the teddy and I quickly texted el
Marissa: hey zayns playin a game, when do we meet up @ the Ferris wheel?
El: Around 10ish.. Then we all go on just to talk and have fun, then bonfire and we should probably sleep over tonite.!
Marissa: that works!! See u soon gurlyy!
Then Zayn came to me with the teddy and said "I found someone to join us on our Ferris wheel ride!!" I giggled and said "Yey!! The more the merrier!!" We skipped towards the Ferris wheel and got there at about 9:50pm. No one was here from the band, so we say at the closest bench. Zayn said "I want a kiss." I turned to him and said "me too." He looked me in the eyes and leaned down. He lightly put his lips on mine and we kissed passionately for what seems like forever. He pulled away and I said "is it just me, or do our kisses get better and better every time?" He chuckled and said "babe it's definetly not just you!" Then we saw the lads waiting for us. I guess they didn't see us. We met them by the entrance and tiara said "There you two are!! About time!!" Then said "Having a bit to much fun now are we?" He chuckled and grabbed el's hand. Harry then said "so now what's the plan?" Grace said "we'll go on the Ferris wheel for some down time, ten bonfire back at the house!" Harry grabbed Katie's had and got on the Ferris wheel, followed by everyone else. I was getting into my seat when I almost tripped. I skinned my knee a little bit, but not too much because two huge arms saved me from falling below. Zayn had picked me up and say me down in the seat. He sat with me and said "babe, you're hurt. Are you alright love?" I said "yes I'm fine. I can use my water bottle and a tissue to clean it. I got my stuff out from my bag and Zayn took it from me. He said "I will do this. You shouldn't have to." I smiled and said "thanks babe." He picked my leg up and put it on his lap and cleaned me up. I looked better than before by the time he finished. When he finished, we realized we were almost at the top. I said "thank you babe, but you didn-" "No babe I had to. Trust me. You and the girls have set all this fun up for us as I've been having the time of my life. You don't understand how much I love you. It's really just undescribable. You're my one love, and I will do anything to make you happy. I would be happy with you even if you hadn't planned this trip for us. You're one of the best things I've gotten and I love you. I could tell you all day how much I love you, but you'd get tired of it. I just want you to know that I will always love you and help you with everything you need. I want to be with you forever, no I NEED to be with you forever. I know this is cheesy, but when I touched you the very first time at the grocery store, I felt so different. Sparks, perfection, fireworks, and I felt something I've never felt before. I felt the love of my life until the end of time. And I'm never letting it go. Youre mine. I want you to understand the fact that youre mine and only mine and I won't ever let that change. And to be completely honest with you, I want to marry you the more we talk, I want to grow old with you, and have kids eventually. I don't want to rush it, but I've just need had this feeling in my life. So when I was out a few days back, I got you this." He took out a sapphire blue ring. It was shiny and gorgeous. I was in tears and he said "This is a promise ring. If you wear it, I know you'll be mine and we will get married some day. If you wear it, you love me. So baby, please wear this ring?" I nodded my head because words could not leave my mouth. I slipped the ring on and it fit perfectly. I noticed he had one too. I looked him I the eyes and said "Zayn. I'm speechless." He then said "you don't have to speak, I can just tell what you're saying by the look in your eyes. That's how much I know and love you." He kissed me and the kiss was perfect and powerful, and it was just amazing! My tears were gone and we just chatted a bit more. Before the ride came to an end, he said "I love you." I replied "love you more!" He said "not possible!" I said "Yes it is, because its true!!" He smirked and said "you're not gonna win this cuz I love you more!!" Then I said "we'll continue this later because we have to get the bonfire ready. I pecked his lips as we met with the group to start the bonfire!
~skip to the starting of bonfire~
We had all gotten inside just a second ago, and we all showered quickly, got into sweatpants and sweatshirts, and headed outside. Katie was really good at starting fires, so we all let her start it. She was always very outgoing and adventerous. She started the fire in a matter of 5 minutes. We all sat around the fire and Niall strummed his guitar freely. The boys sang along and it sounded beautiful. Once they finished grace said "I've never herd anything sweeter thanyour voices." The tiara said "just breathtaking boys." El stated "you've gotten everything, the personality, looks, and voice?!? Just perfectly perfect!" Katie said "All different voices that fit perfectly in harmony." I commented last saying "indescribably beautiful and glorious. You've gotten something that not many people have. You've gotten true talent." The boys thanked us and Liam said "Girls. Us guys were talking as we got dressed a while ago and we all wanted to thank you. You really have been talking a lot of stress off our minds from the new album. You've gotten us two new and beautiful Directioner family members(Katie and grace). You've made these past few days the best of our lives. We all truly love you girls and we couldn't ask for anything else from you besides that you'll be with us forever and on." Us girls nodded and we all sang along to some campfire songs. Harry then got up and said "I would just like to take a moment to thank marissa and tiara. You've brought a new special someone in my life in less that 24 hours and its been the best! In case you don't know, I'm talking about Katie. Before I met her, I will admit I liked you marissa, but now that Katie is in my life, I could only ask that she stays in my life for a while because quite frankly, I need her." He sat back down and tiara said "you're soo very welcomed hazza!" Harry had a little smooch with Katie and then Niall stood up. He said "Okay so when I was on the Ferris wheel with grae, I thanked her. And I wanna thank her again, because she got me s'mores and its REALLY good!!" He sat back down and sloppily kissed grace on the lips and he got marshmellow all over her. She laughed and kissed back. Then I el said "How cute is this?!?" We all said very in unison, like how the boys say 'hello we're one direction.' Lou stood up next and said "and I want to thanks el because I've known her all this time and she's been through a lot of my sassiness and still loves me for me and not because I'm Louis Tomlinson. She also made four new friends in less than a few days and its really showed how much of a perfectbeautiful and perfect woman she is!" El sat him down blushing and thanked him with a kiss followed after. Zayn took me off his lap and sat me down so he could stand up. He said "Okay, so on the Ferris wheel I also made a massive thank you, but I need to tell everyone else about it. I gave marissa a promise ring. I know I can trust her. And you girls. I got us all rings while I was out the other day. This rings means you're part of our family and you will always love us. I got this because I truly love all of you to the point were you juš can't understand how I feel about you all. I truly love you girls and guys!" He sat me back on his lap and we all talked for a bit before we decided to go to bed, for it was around 12:45am. First Liam and tiara went up. Then Lou and Eleanor. Next Harry and Katie. We chatted with Niall and grace for about 20 more minutes. They went up stairs. I put the first out, and met zaynie the kitchen. I asked "did you lock all the doors babe?" He swooped me up bridal style and said "of course!!" He carried me to the bathroom and I questioned him. He sat me down on the counter top and said "You can't wear makeup to bed, I'm taking it off cuz you honestly look better without it." I replied "I take it off every night, but I forgot and I don't wanna look bad. He said "Babe listen to me, you're far from bad okay? I don't care what anyone else thinks, to me you're the most perfect person I've ever known. Don't ever call yourself names like that again." He kissed my lips and he got to work on my face. He cleaned me up and carried me to our bed. He layed me down and held me close. He caressed my hair and sang to me in a whisper: baby you should let me love you, let me be the one to, give you everything you want and need.~~
I turned towards him and dug my head in his chest and said "you are the best. And I don't lie. I love you so much Zayn. I always have. Goodnight my zaynie Wayne. Love u baby." He replied in a whisper "Babe, I still love you more remember?"
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