Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


25. Perfect for everyone.! {part 1}

So we were all on our way to the beach and I was sitting in the drivers seat, with Lou in the passenger. Louis was getting mad with us girls because we wouldn't let him drive. He complained "ughhh I'm the best driver here, why can't I drive?!" Us girls giggled. I answered "Louis babe, this is our surprise, remember?" He then responded "I know, and thank you girls." He kissed my cheek and I kept driving with a smile on my face. I looked through the mirror to see tiara and marissa smirking right at me. Of course. I raise my eyebrows up and down an us girls giggled. The boys just stared at us confused. They didn't know who we were seeing at the beach today... ;)
Ahh this was going to be great. You see when Eleanor was packing clothes for our house, tiara and I received a few texts from friends. I got a text from my besties that were meeting us here. Their names were Katie, and Grace. (A/N: hey I changed the names of the friends, just because.!)
Katie was a very strong and outgoing girl. She had long dark, chocolate brown hair, and big brown eyes. She had some freckles on her cheeks(but not as much as me!). She was gorgeous. Grace was a bit different, but then the same in many ways. She had a lighter brown hair, with a dark hazel eyes. Her hair fell a bit past her shoulders. She has one purple highlight, in her hair. She was a neat freak I will admit. These girls are both truly beautiful and down to earth girls. What they don't know, is that they're meeting with not only is, but one direction too today. ;) so I was pulled out of my thoughts when Niall screamed in my ear "MARISSA!! If you'll answer us, we're playing I Spy!!" I giggled and said "sorry just thinking now lets play!!" Liam went first and said "I spy with my little eye, something that is beautiful and amazing." He stared straight at tiara when he said that. Se blushed, as Lou shouted out "IT'S OBVIOUSLY TIARA!" Liam frowned and pecked tiaras lips. Harry commented "I guess we were right! My turn!" Then Louis said "NO! I guessed it! My turn!!" Harry frowned and tiara calmed him. Liam got mad at her cuz she was hugging Harry, so Liam snatched her up. It was quite funny. Zayn, Niall and I were all laughing. Then Louis said "I'm giving my turn to Eleanor, and Harry suck it up!!" Harry started laughing and he got up. Eleanor smiled and said "Okay so I spy with my little eye, something that looks like a beautiful beach!!!" We all looked up and smiled. I saw them. They were goofing around like usual. They looked beautiful with their stylish bikinis. They didn't notice us. Tiara, el, and I ran out of the car, and into our friends arms. They had just finished getting their master degree's, and now they're here with us for good!! The boys came out and I saw Niall and Harry drooling over them. Katie was freakish when she saw Harry and she ran over to him. He seemed quite happy about this. Grace was a bit shy, so I walked over to Niall, while everyone chatted with her. "Hey nialler, so have you met grace?" He looked at me and said "not yet, but she seems great! How are all you girls so beautiful? Especially grace!! Hook me up?" I smiled and grabbed his hand. I screamed "well since the girls got our stuff ready for us, lets have fun!!" Zayn got jealous and said "MARISSA!! UR SUPPOSED TO BE HOLDING MY HABD REMEMER?" I laughed and we all ran to our spot. We rented a huge area of the beach, even though we're doing other things today too. Oh well!! I stopped, and grabbed grace, before she could run. I caught my breath when I saw Zayn coming up to me. "One minute zaynie, just hooking them up!" He smiled and threw his towel on the ground. As he ran towards the boys and girls, I swear I saw a flash of some camera go off. I didn't see fans or the paps, so I just kept going with what I was doing. I noticed grace blushing when I said "I think you two will like each other." I winked as I ran towards the water. I saw them chatting and smiling. Niall gave her hand and kissed her cheek. Louis then said "WOW THAT WAS FAST!" We all laughed when Harry said "OH YEAH, KATIE AND I HAVE BEEN OFFICIAL FOR A SECOND LONGER!!" Katie commented "Yeah and we're never breaking up!!!" Harry pecked her lips at the perfect time. Aweh. Just perfect. My feet were only in the water, so I threw my clothes off and joined everyone. We were all having so much fun, when I kept seeing flashes everywhere. I could honestly careless. It's most likely fans, and these pictures are most likely going on twitter. We were playing until Niall started whining cuz grace messed his 'sand castle up. She then said "Aweh sorry, it just looked like a clump! Lets make one together!" Then nialler stomach growled, followed by hers. We all laughed and el said "haha so lets grab something for our tummies, and the. Go do some laser tag and games!!" We all got ready and Zayn came up to me, while we were walking. I was closing the car trunk, when Zayn walked up to me. He said "what's in Tht suitcase?" I replied "new clothes for everyone. We rented a shower in a beach house. You're supposed to be with them showering." He smiled and we started walking towards the house. He said "wait! I need a kiss, or I can't go further." I winked and said "Then call your mum and ask for a kiss then!" He smirked, and I walked into the house. He got up and wrapped his arms aroun me and said "no. You." He bent down and put his hands through my hair, when he was kissing me. All the girls, showered and walked up to us. Katie said "yea thanks for tellin me Harry was coming today! How many night are we staying here?" She smiled and I pulled away to see the other girls. They smirked and all walked away with the suitcase. Except grace. She walked close to me and said "omg Niall is even better in person. He's really funny and down to earth." I nodded and she said "oops! Didn't meant to interrupt!" She walked away, when Harry walked by saying "umm where Katie?" I pointed towards the 'girls bedrooms' and he nodded, walked away. Niall ran through saying "I'm dressed, and now all I need is grace! As he ran past us Zayn said "I thought you would need food, but seems like you love grace more!!" Niall put a thumbs up and entered graces room. I think they were all in there. Zayn then said "now where were we?" He pulled me close and we put our arms around each other. I pulled away after a while and said, lets go to graces room, aka the cleanest room. Everyone's in there and they're clean." He nodded and we walked in hand in hand. Tiara was in the bed smooching with Liam, while grace was teaching Niall how to braid hair. She was doing a waterfall braid in her hair. Niall tried focusing, but he kept laughing and saying "when am I ever going to need this?" She smiled and continued. I once again realized that I wish I had her tan. I looked at my skin and I realized my skin ain't that bad, but could be better. Louis and el were both taking pictures on his iPhone and they welcomed us in. Harry and Katie were whispering in each others ears and then giggling. Cute. They were both wearing beanies. Zayn noticed and snapped a pic. He posted on twitter. It said: the beanie couple!
Cute. Louis came up to us with el smiling and said "everyone else is ready, and you haven't started. Hurray up!! Chop chop those carrots and get ready!!" He walked back to his eanbag chair and el sat on his lap. Sassy couple. They pretty much shunned us. Once again. Cute. I snapped a pic an posted on twitter. It said: Sassy couple. We need up snapping pics of everyone and posting silly captions on twitter. Then we snapped one of us and wrote 'perfect couple'. We smiled and hopped in the shower together. We didn't have time to good around, so we washed up, with a few kisses in between. We hopped out and dried off. I used graces amazing smelling mango shampoo and conditioner. It smelled absolutely great. We chane into our outfits. We or matching outfits for everyone. Tiara and I somehow knew Harry would end up with Katie and Niall would end up with grace. Funny. Zayn and I were both wearing blue. Niall and grace wore neon orange. Harry and Katie wore pink. Louis and el were wearing green. Liam and tiara wore purple. The girls had the same outfits, except different colors. The girls wore cute pinnies that you would buy on the board walk and design. Each of ours said 'I'm with Zayn' or whichever boy they were with. We wore denim short shorts and then toms of our color. Zayn was putting on his sapphire, and sharp blue polo shirt, and his tan cute pants. Niall won't have a problem with his outfit! Zayn then put on his blue shoes and walked over to the mirror where I was. He asked "Should I put blue spray they left for us, on my blonde highlight? I will if u put some on." I smiled as nodded saying,"surely! I'm gonna do my makeup first though. I put on black eyeliner on my bottom eye. I put a nice shade of blue on my eye for eyeshadow. To finish it off, I put a decent amount of mascara on my top and bottom lashes. I put my hair in a side fishtail braid. I saw that the girls also got to wear nice necklaces that said 'gotta love zaynie' or their guys. It was sterling silver and perfect. Zayn picked it up and put it on my neck from behind. Her turned me around and said "what about your blue highlight? Take the braid outtttt." I smiled and said "almost forgot. Here." I took the braid out and let him put the blue in my hair. As he did this I commented "Thanks babe. Your blue looks perfect." He smiled and said "I tried babe, I try." He finished it and it dried on its own. It looked great on both of us. We brushed our teeth and kissed again for a few minutes. I pulled away and said "were taking long, and were taking pictures of our outfits before we go. Remember? U girls planned this out!!" I grabbed his arm before he could answer and we were in the hallway, walking towards my room, to get our things. I grabbed my iphone(can't live without it), and checked my messages. A few from everyone. Some were stupid and some were jokes. I smiled as I answered them. Zayn walked back to me(no surprise, he was at the mirror), and he pulled me up saying "Before we leave for pictures, I want a kiss. No let me rephrase that, I NEED a kiss." I kissed him passionatly and we pulled apart, when we heard a scream. Then laughter. We smirked and walked back to graces room, to see them all tickling each other. We purposely closed the door loudly and they jumped up. We laughed and I said "get ur couples ready in 5. We're getting pictures on the balcony! Then......." "LASERTAG!!!" Everyone said loudly and jumping from the carpet. We took our pictures and most of them were silly. We all kissed our men on the cheeks, while they made funny faces. Oh and I forgot to mention, we hired a butler for today. We all walked away thanking the butler, and tipping him, and we all skipped in a line on the boardwalk, to the LASERTAG center. Everyone was snapping pictures at us. Obviously for twitter. We didn't care. We signed in and had soo much fun!! But definitely not too much fun!!

Heyy all you readers!! How you likin' it so far!! Just saying, there's gonna be a hugeee plot twist, so stick around, and tell ur peeps to read it if u enjoy reading it!! If u got a Kik, then Kik me at: LuvThatGirl1D
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Thanks you lil' lambssss!!! (Please excuse my awkwardness!!)

Massive thank u guys!!
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