Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


27. Of Course, There's Always A Super Villian:/

Oh how why do those girls have to be so.. DESPICABLE?!? Well first, let me explain. I'm Vicky miller. I'm tiara and marissas aunt. The thing is, they never liked me. They only liked my sister, Dianne. They hated me cuz I 'wasn't fun' or just wasn't as 'attractive'. I mean, they disliked me when they were young, but as they got older, I started hating them. Every time I saw them, they had something big going on in their life and they acted as if they needed attention. Well just cuz they're 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous' doesn't make them successful. They did respect me once they had gotten maturer, but I just hated them since day one. They were always better with Dianne, or my brother(well until he raped them, which is a whole other story). I was always the last aunt they'd go to. And honestly I got tired of it. So, as a result, I fucking hate their guts and will not be happy with myself, until they're dead. They really don't deserve to be on this planet. It's disgusting. Lets just say, I've had a plan since I've hated them, and now it's time. When they were younger idiots, I had their uncle rape them. His real name is Cory Miller. I legally had him change it. I convinced him That hurting the girls was the right thing to do, considering the fact they like Dianne more than us. So he raped them and I helped him get away with it, by leaving them in a locked up shack. Then, I came in and tried to get them to love me, but of course that didn't change. That's when I got really mad. I then convinced(well actually forced) Cory to help me kill them in a matter of time, and now here I am. Cory is back at my apartment. I am on the boardwalk and it's almost 8:30pm. I have been stalking marissa and tiara since they've got to London. I sent her the note. I cleaned her house today. I set everything up. Now I just have to get pictures and stuff and pretty much stalk them until I kill them with Cory. Oh and just so you know, I moved to London with Cory, when he raped the girls and nobody found us. I think the two girls notice the flash of my camera, but they think it's paparazzi cuz they're dating the 'hot new boy band one direction'. They're just dumbasses. Like really. I'm just so much better than them. I have short black hair, in a bob cut, with bangs. I have normal brown eyes, and stupid pale skin. And my skin sucks cuz it's just boring and weird-looking. But that's the only bad feauture about me! Well at least I think so. I have crooked teeth because I got into a fight, and I don't have my bottom front tooth. And I rarely brush my teeth cuz I don't have the time. I showed usually once or twice a week, cuz I don't wanna go over my water bill. I have a petite figure, and no curves, sadly. No boobs, not ass. But my face is perfection to me! I can't wait to get the girls. They're gonna have no. Way. Out. And same for Dianne. Well, I guess they're all in for a treatment. Treatment of death.
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