Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


14. Niall knows.

Okay I will admit, Harry was being a bit weird today, when I was talking to him. Wonder what's going on. We had all gotten showers and gotten dressed. I wore some black jeans, with a shirt Tht says 'close your eyes, and enjoy the roller coaster that is life.' I love that shirt. The boys all wore some of their usual style. After I got ready I walked to the living room to wait for the others. Lou came running from his room and he screamed "CARROTS!! OH MY CARROTS!! I LOVE MY CARROTS!!!" he saw me sitting their, while I was looking in the closest mirror. I just smiled, and went back to the mirror. He smirked and said, "Oh zayn and his mirror." he went into the kitchen and in a few seconds he came out with a carrot and I spoke, "Oh Lou and his carrots." he rolled his eyes and just sat down with me. We chatted, waiting for the others. Lou spoke, "Oh my gee!! The girls r sleeping over tonight!" and I said, "yea and what's the surprised look for?" "This place is dirty as hell!" he said looking embarrassed. "well, what are we waiting for? Let's clean!" I said. And with that we were cleaning every inch of this huge place.
"Liam can I talk to you and nialler?" they both came out of the bathroom, tiara following behind. Tiara spoke, "Can I talk to? I don't wanna wait with the other two boys. Their crazy!!" "Yea sure. But this is a serious conversation." I said sitting them down. Liam spoke next, "Harry, would you like to talk to Niall right now? Sorry, I didn't get my shower yet cuz you guys got one first. Tiara can help the boys clean" tiara looked a bit mad, but walked out, after she kissed him. "Yea liam. You can shower. I just want to talk to someone about something." "Thanks hazza. I don't want you to think I won't be there for you though. I just needa shower!" and with that, he walked off, leaving Niall and I to talk. "Alright mate, now you can talk." he said giving me a caring smile. "Okay this may sound a bit unexpected, but I think I love marissa." I said looking down. My eyes watered, but I forced myself to continue, "I don't wanna ruin her relationship with zayn, but what should I do?" I asked, hopeful for an answer. "Mate, look marissa is one amazing girl, but you can't do this to zayn. I think you should talk to both of them. Maybe they will understand. Zayn is a softie when it come to forgiving people. Just don't worry. You will find you're beautiful princess. Right now you have Lou, remember?" we both chuckled. Man that was deep. "Dude ni, I didn't think you could be so.. Sincere. Deep. Accepting. Thanks bro. Thanks for helping me through this." I gave him a hug. We both walked out, and helped clean, and when Liam finished his shower, tiara said, it's about time!!" then Lou said, "He will take longer showers, once you're with him!" we all laughed. "Haha. Very funny Lou." tiara said. We all left, and got in the car, to go to nandos. Here we go!!
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