Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


28. Missing You

So it's been about two weeks since we went on our mini vacation and everything seems to be fine. Us girls are all at my place and the boys should be home for dinner. It's a nice and sunny May afternoon here in London, and I'm enjoying every last bit of it. There's gonna be a lot of rain coming though. That sure is something I'm not looking foward to. See it's about like 2:30pm and we're all sitting in our hotub outside, when tiara said "Guys, I think we're kinda spoiled. I want to help the world. But how?" Then el replied "We'll you're right. Maybe we could do some fundraising like Lou had done a bit of time back. Maybe fundraise for a hospital or something? Or go to Africa and help out!!" We all giggled and I said "I think we should start with the hospital, then maybe go to Africa once we have more experience. But it's nice to know we're trying to help the world." "Yeah and Harry can help cuz he's a sweetheart!" Exclaimed Katie once she got our attention. We all laughed because Katie's been falling hard for Harry and Harry seems to love every last bit of her. Then grace said "we'll see if the boys wanna help. We can ask them about it at dinner tonight..." OH SHIT. "GUYS. We forgot, we need to make dinner, like now!!! They're sleeping over tonight!!!!" I said hopping out of the hotub with the girls following. We all ran into our bedrooms and we showered and got dressed. I wore denim skinny jeans, with a cute grey shirt that was tight on me. It looked soo cute. I put on a nice pair of flats with it. I curled my hair in nice big curls, and put on a little amount of makeup. I headed downstairs to the kitchen at about 3:30ish. Tiara was already preparing the food and showing el how to do some of it, cuz just face it. El can't cook. Grace came to the kitchen a minute or two later saying "Okay so is there anything we may need from the store? I'm heading out to get some flowers to put in the vase." Tiara said "I have a short list of food on the fridge. I have some money in the jar in my closet. Use that to buy it all. And has anyone seen Katie, we could use some more hands in here!!" I said "Here I'll go to the store with grace. First I will find Katie and get her down here for you!" Tiara nodded, and got back to work. Grace and I hopped in the car and we headed on our way. While she was driving my mustang, I got several texts from everyone at home. They all had to do with how was london, or when would we be back. I answered them and got some nice replies. I had realized how much I missed them. We had gotten to the grocery store(aka the store where I happened to meet Zayn a). I had the urge to call my mum though. So I told grace I would meet her in the store. I dialed my mothers phone number and she answered quickly than I thought.

Mum: Hey sweetie how's everything??
Me: Hi mum everything just great. Missing you is all.
Mum: oh I miss you too love. When are you coming to visit?
Me: Maybe thanksgiving or my birthday. But my birthday is the same as nialls so that may be a conflict to deal with-
Mum: Here we'll go to you for your birthday. And you come to us for thanksgiving. Okay?
Me: okay. I miss you guys mum. I love you and I pray to god every night for you guys to say safe.
Mum: I miss you more. Just know that we're always going to be alright, as long as we know you're okay cuz we love you.
Me: you're gonna get me crying mum!! I have things to do tonight, and I can't be crying!!!!
Mum: awehhh sorry baby, what's your plans?
Me: We'll us girls are preparing a special dinner for the boys cuz they've been busy the past two weeks and they're staying over for a few nights. Oh and the girls Eleanor I've told you about, she pretty much lives here too.
Mum: okay babe that seems fun!! I think your dad and I are gonna drop the kids off at the movies and then go get dinner. You know us, we love the movies!!
Me: Tell them I love them okay?
Mum: I don't have to
Me: umm why not mum?
Mum: they're right next to me listening cuz ur on speaker phone!!
The boys all started screaming into the phone saying they missed me and I was tearing up
Me: Aweh guys thanks sooo much!! I miss you all too! I will see you soon and I love you all!!!
Ralphie: when we go to London, can we hang with Niall?!? I love him!!
Me: of course, he will just be eating most the time though.
Albert: I wanna play football with the boys.. American style
Nathan: I want to see you guys cuz I miss you sooo much!!
Me: awehhh you guys are great!!
Marcus: well if devin goes on your birthday, then maybe we can all just hang with you girls and your boys!!
Me: definetly. Now where's dad and devin?
Mum: dad is dropping devin off at lexi's house(devins girlfriend). Devin says hi though. Text him. He'll answer!
Me: Okay will do mum!! I've outta go now!!! I love you guys all so much!!!
Adlib: Love you marissa, see ya later bye now!!
~end of phone call~

I went into the store and got the things we needed and met grace back at the car. We headed home and we all got to work. I went upstairs and got my Chapstick. When I opened it up, a tiny folded up note fell out. I picked it up and unfolded it. It said: So.. Good keeping your mouth shut! If anyone else finds out about this, you're screwed, as well as your boyfriend too! Now remember, this is a secret!!! So shush and don't speak, or else.. Sudden death.
(End of note)

Okay that was creepy. Probably just a prank. I went downstairs and we all finished cleaning and preparing dinner. Now we had about a half an hour to freshen up for our guests! Can't wait!!!
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