Living The Dream

This is an amazing fanfiction about a young girl named Marissa. Marissa makes the unique decision to move to London with her sister Tiara, with many hopes of meeting the one and only One Direction! What will happen if they meet? Will they accept the girls for their outrageous past? Let's just see what happens in this crazy Movella!!!


21. Meeting El!!!


We al got into the limo and inside was a flat screen tv, and some drinks and stuff. Niall sat by the refreshment area, harry sat on lou's lap, and liam and tiara went towards the back, to I guess be together. Zayn was getting in the limo behind me. When I first got in the limo, my eyes literally popped out of my head. Zayn laughed and said "C'mon babe, I was surprised when I first came in here too." "Well at least I'm not the only one who was like this.!" I said looking absolutely amazed at the leather seats. Zayn sat down towards the boys and he put his arm around me. I then asked "I don't mean to be nosy or anything, but how far is the recording studio from here?" He chuckled slightly and then said "Just about 25 minutes, depending on traffic." he looked me in the eyes and we both smiled. "Oh and, you weren't being nosy babe." he said. Then he pecked me on the lips and we smiled at eachother. Niall then said "Everyone here needs to get a room!!" we all laughed cuz he was the only one by himself. Harry and Louis were 'together', tiara and liam, then me and zaynieee. Harry then answered, "Awwww, does niall wanna join me and louis????" niall then had a surprised look on his face. He then answered "I THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK!!!!" he joined in and then we all cuddled for pretty much the rest of the car ride.

~After Car Ride, In Studio~


The girls were going to meet Eleanor today!! I was so excited! Marissa acts just like El, but I know I love El too much to ever go to marissa. Not that I don't like marissa, I love he, just in a sister kind of way. I will never let anyone hurt her kind of thing. We were all walking into the studios. Niall and harry were hand in hand, and I got 'mad'. Then the other two couples were together walking ahead into the studio. I was right behind harry and niall, and they didn't notice me so I said "HARRY?!?!?! YOU'RE A CHEATER!!!!! I LOVED YOU" Then i laughed, as they both were chasing me into the  main recording room. Paul was in there meeting the girls. We came running in there and then we all started wrestling and just having a good time. I think Paul was telling us to stop, or something, but we didn't. This fight wasn't ending that easily. Then Liam came over and pulled me out saying "LOU!! You're the oldest here, you should know better!" I then just said "Sorry daddy direction... I might do it again." Liam started to laugh and everybody joined in, even Paul. Then Paul said "Louis you're just. . . . Oh Louuu..." Everyone was laughing at me, so I just decided I could be the center of attention, so I said "BRB carrot peoples, Im getting myself some carrots!" I walked out and I went into the kitchen. Harry followed me in there and he said smiling "I won't cheat again, I want you back pweaaaassseee?" I just chuckled and said "Okay i guess.." I hugged him and he bounced off happily and said "Thanks BooBear!! I think El is here!!' He grabbed my carrot, so I quickly got two new one(One for el), and then I ran to go introduce her to the girls!



Okay I will admit, Lou was being pretty immature and stuff, but I liked that about him. I remember going to their X-Factor concerts, when I would go on vacation there a lot(And because my other uncle lived there, and yes he's a normal uncle). I watched every single video diary live. It was the best. Lou ran to get carrots, followed by Harry. They're my favorite Bromance. Then it would be Niam, or Ziam. But now for zayn it's Zarrissa, or Mayn. I don't know, whichever he likes, we'll use! I sat down with tiara, and liam(of course). Liam said "Hey marissa, stay with tiara, I think El is here." I nodded and tiara smiled at me when liam left. Tiara squealed. I don't like squealing. I said "It's my dream to meet El, I can't wait. She seems soo nice!! and knowing lou, she must be very funny and outgoing. Zayn came up and sat down with us and tiara said "Marissa you're just like el. Well except her hair doesn't have any blonde streaks in it, and you have icy blue eyes(like katy perry)." Zayn chuckled "And. Marissa is mine, not Lou's, and that's how it's gonna stay." He put his arm around me and I said "Are you sure about that Mister Know It All?" he then smirked and said "I'm very sure Mrs. Malik." he then pecked my lips and i totally forgot tiara was there, until she said, "Where's my liam?? I want some of that from him!!" Zayn and i laughed and we chatted, until we saw her. She was even better in person. She was. . . Gorgeous. Undescribabley beautiful. She walked over to the booth we were sitting in and sat down saying "Hey I'm Eleanor! Welcome to the One direction family!!" Which one is marissa and which is tiara?"I shook her hand and said "Thanks, I'm Marissa, and my sister is tiara." Tiara smiled and then shook her hand and said "I think we'll be getting along very well." El laughed and Lou walked over and kissed her cheek and said "So, here's El for ya!" Then liam came over taking zayn and lou away saying "Guys we gotta rehearse leave the girls to get to know each other." Liam winked at tiara, then zayn winked at me, and Lou winked at el. We all three giggled, as they walked off. El then said "So I was thinking, we could ask Paul, to take the boys to bowling tonight, and then sleep at their place or wherever." Tiara answered "Oh yea sure!! I'd love too! we should rent it!! and everybody can stay at our place tonight!" El answered "Oh okay, so you guys live here in your own?? That's totally cool! I moved here once I started liking One direction, and my dreams came true." I then said "Yeah, as you can tell we aren't from here, we're from Pennsylvania." she then said "Oh wow thats cool!! Is you're house big enough good for the boys messes though. I don't want Lou to be disrespectful or anything." She looked down at her hands and then I said "Oh our house has like over 5 bedrooms, and I don't even know how many bathrooms. Wasn't too much money, cuz I'm a saver, so it tiara. And don't worry bout Lou, he was fine all the nights they came over." El looked up happy and said "Really? Thanks.. When liam and zayn went out with danielle and perrie, they wouldn't let us over, just their boyfriends. Wait, is your house really that big?" Tiara then answered "I guess it is, do you want me to send you a picture of it?" El nodded and smiled "Sure. That'd be nice. Here I will give you my number." She then took a paper and pen out of her handbag. She wrote down her number and gave it to us. We texted her and she replied. Once we got her message, we smiled, and got up, to leave the studio.


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